Would you share an apple with me?

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Would you share an apple with me?
One adorable little girl had
two juicy red apples in her hands.
Her mother asked her with a smile:
“Sweetheart, would you please
The girl looked at her mother for a
moment and took a bite of one apple,
then immediately another bite of the
second apple as well.
The mother could feel her own smile
fading from her face, as she tried
to hide her disappointment.
Then the little girl handed her mom
one of the apples and said:
“There you go, Mom. This apple is sweeter”..
No matter who we are and how
much experience we may have had
in life. We all need to postpone
We could never know the real reasons
behind most things people do, this is
what “benefit of a doubt” is all about.
Some time ago my mother
(speaking of moms & daughters..)
drove me to the doctors appointment
for my post-surgery check up.
She drove very slowly so that I wouldn’t
feel any pain from the bumps on the road.
Very quickly, the person behind us lost
patience and started beeping.
I was wondering, would he have still
beeped had he known the reason for
the slow driving? Probably not.
I will end with the beautiful words of
Robin Williams whom I adore:
“Everyone you meet is fighting a battle
you know nothing about.
Be kind, always”

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