Witness to passing over into the next realm

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Witness to passing over into the next realm

I have had many wonderful spiritual experiences but the one I’d like to share is a sad yet wonderful story of my mother.

My beautiful mother was a young 47 year old who had been exposed to large amounts of radiation from the above ground bomb testing in the deserts of Nevada in the 50’s. The radiation exposure caused her to have cancer which she suffered for 11 months before her passing.

On the evening of her passing, several family members were at her bedside in the hospital. I was standing at her bedside when I started saying the Lord Prayer silently to myself, which was a surprise to me as I was not a very religious person.

As I said the prayer, I looked up toward the ceiling of the hospital room, and there I saw my grandmother, who had been deceased for several years, come through the ceiling with a man. I did not know the man, but at the time, I thought it must be God!!!

I heard (in my mind) my grandmother saying to my mother “Come on Aileen, we have to go”. I looked down at my mother in her hospital bed, but there was no response. Then my grandmother, in a very strong commanding voice said “Come on Aileen we have to go”!

As I looked at my beautiful mother, I heard her say in a very slow low voice “I’m hurrying as fast as I can”. At that moment I looked at her feet, which were covered with blankets, and I begin to see her spirit slowly come up from her feet through her entire body and come out of her body and leave through her third eye.

Her spirit was a cloudy looking substance. My grandmother and man looked in physical form, but only from the waist up. I watched the 3 of them leave through the hospital ceiling. At that moment I was sad of losing my beloved mother, but the most wonderful feeling of love and peace came over my entire being.

I was so excited and felt so much love, I wondered if anyone else had experienced what I had just witnessed. And, when I tried to speak or relate my story, it was if someone held my tongue and I could not talk of this amazing experience.

Every time in the years to come, the same thing would happen. It took 5 years before I was ‘spiritually’ allowed to tell my story. I attended a spiritual gathering, and they opened their meeting with the Lord’s Prayer… oh my what a feeling came over me, because in those years I was not able to repeat the Lord’s Prayer, and a flood of energy came over me, and then I shared the story of my mother’s passing.

I am a witness to a passing/crossing over to the other side. I have no doubt that when we leave this body we go to a greater place, and we are not alone.

As the years have past, I have had my own NNDE experiences. I say NNDE for ‘nearly near death experiences’, which I have was honored to witness the other side. I have no fear of death because it is Love! The physical is left behind and the spirit and soul move on.

Written by Rehel

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  1. Wow what a powerful experience! Thank you for sharing!

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