Why we should Meditate

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Why we should Meditate

Why Should we ?

1. Meditation strengthens your relationship with God by purifying and cleansing the mind. Many people find that their past mistakes and human failures hinder their connection with God and weaken their creative power Meditation will help us to accept personal mistakes and offer forgiveness (of both ourselves and others), effectively removing these guilt blockages and spiritual limitations, enabling love to move freely and abundantly. By removing the cares, worries and stresses of our life during meditation, the doorway is opened to receive greater guidance from God.

2. Powerful inner transformation can take place. Meditation allows easy access to deep spiritual truths. By slowing down the mind, reducing stress, easing anxiety and shrinking fear. Our mind is then free to explore deeper realms of truth, realms that are inaccessible unless you have reached a certain level of mind-mastery. Meditation is the only way to reach these advanced levels of inner reflection and mastery of mind. Who knows, with meditation, you might even reach Enlightenment “A Great teacher once said that the Kingdom of heaven is within all of us and that when we find it all else will be added”.

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  1. Thank you Alex! Good one! keep em comin’ 🙂

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