When an angel walks beside you

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When an angel walks beside you

I heard a beautiful story about an angel that I
wanted to share with you:

“There once was a man that was stranded and
had to walk across the hot desert.

He prayed and prayed for help and the angel
Gabriel came down beside him and said:

“Don’t worry. I am here with you and you are safe.
Everything will be ok. I am walking right alongside you”

So on they went and indeed the man saw footsteps
in the sand beside him. He knew that the angel was
there and felt safe.

As they kept walking and he ran out of water things
got tougher. He could barely stand and walk anymore.

At that point he noticed that the footsteps in the sand were gone.
“Figures” he thought to himself “exactly when it’s hardest the
angel abandons me”.

Almost dead, he finally reached water and shelter.
When he revived himself a bit he called out to the angel.

“Why have you forsaken me when my journey was the hardest?
He asked “Why do you think I have forsaken you?” asked the angel

“I could no longer see your footsteps in the sand” said the man

“That’s because at that last part of the journey” Said the angel
“I carried you on my back”.

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