When a bear comes…

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When a bear comes…

Two guys were hiking in the forest
looking for a place to camp for the night.
One guy says to the other:”If a bear comes, what do we do?
“Run fast!” says the other “But how can we run faster than the bear?”
Asks the first.

“I don’t have to run faster than the bear”
says the other “I just have to run faster than you!”
===Recently I’ve been involved in a new exciting project that’s taking up quite a bit of my time.

It’s not easy, but not back breaking work either..
It takes time, patience and the results are far
from immediate. I’m looking at about 4-5 months
to start showing preliminary results.

I was thinking to myself, that it takes a lot of
persistence to see something like that through.

Most people give up way too fast.
At the first sign of trouble they
get discouraged and quit.
That’s why it’s actually pretty easy to succeed.

We don’t have to run faster than the bear!
We just have to run faster than the others ^^


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