What my doctor told me about positive thinking

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What my doctor told me about positive thinking

I just have to share with you what my doctor made a point to tell me,
about healing from my spinal surgery:

That the most important factor of my healing is…
Positive thinking.


Not medicine.
Not vitamins.
Not physical therapy.

Positive thinking and optimism.

This is not some woo-woo new-age hippie talking!

This is one of the top spinal surgeons in the country
that is off to Europe soon to give lectures all over!


Click on the image to start a positive momentum!

He went on to tell me of a research that was done
in a top university in the US (forget which):

A group of people in the 60-70 age group,
had all gone through hip replacement surgery.

Their healing times were recorded.

It was discovered that the group that healed the fastest,
(with no other factor being different –
they all received the same post surgery treatment)

Was the one that didn’t give in to fear,
were able to distract themselves from their condition,
and generally practiced a positive attitude towards life.

They healed TWICE as fast.

My doc went of to say that a difference of 6%-7%
improvement in medicine is fantastic,
so people doing twice as well is simply unbelievable.

This should be of no surprise to those of us who
make spirituality our lifestyle.

It was INCREDIBLE to hear this from a
conventional doctor,
that is as conventional as they come.

The world is changing.
Spirituality meets science on every turn.

This is simply wonderful.

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