What can Harry Potter teach us?

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What can Harry Potter teach us?

I’ve been thinking a lot about magic lately.

So I’ve been curious to watch the Harry Potter series
again, with my new found insights from the last few months.

J.K.Rowling is obviously someone who’s aligned with right
frequency (whether she’s conscious about it or not).

The only way explain her accomplishments in my mind is
that she had quite a partner. She has used her alignment
with source to create some serious leverage.

Anyway back to the movie. I’ve watched theĀ Prisoner
of Azkaban and it’s the first time they’ve introduced the
dementors, which are the ultimate symbol or fear and despair.

I found this scene of Professor Lupin teaching Harry to fight
dementors. How? He starts out by closing his eyes and
recalling the best memory he’s ever had.

He fights off dementors by focusing on the happiest
moments of his life. He fights despair by focusing on joy.
Is this ringing a bell?
So create those beautiful happy memories
with your loved ones! They will be very
useful to you down the road šŸ™‚


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