Use leverage to create immense prosperity

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Use leverage to create immense prosperity

lev*er*age |ˈlev(ə)rij, ˈlēv(ə)rij|
“To use something to maximum advantage”

I first heard the word “leverage” when I was working in corporate
America 12 years ago. I didn’t really understand it then, but it has
become one of the most important words in my vocabulary.

Leverage means that we use to the maximum all the resources
around us. Good examples of leverage are: technology, other
people’s time, money, knowledge, clients and of course your own
vibration is the ultimate leverage of the powers of creation!

With leverage in mind I choose how I spend my time – even
if something is profitable for the moment but it carries no future
benefit for me, I will usually choose not to do it.

For example: I am a jewelry designer and I sell online. If I take a
day and work on my website, I am creating an asset that will
remain forever and will bring me current and future income.
That is leveraging technology.

If, however, I spend the day at a booth at some craft show, I might
make some sales, but I haven’t invested in an asset. See the difference?

One thing that I really want you to take from this is that:
if you are not investing in creating leverage for yourself
you can be sure that someone else is leveraging YOU.

This is to say that if you’re not working on making your own dreams
come true, you’re making someone else’s dreams come true.

Ouch. I know.

So I want to share with you a video made by my mentor Anik,
that has created the ultimate leverage system.

He has brought leverage to such a level that in one hour of
his time, he makes more than most people make in a month.

Watch it now and change your financial life forever. This is the real deal.


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