Upgrade to LOVE

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Upgrade to LOVE

Technical support:

“Hello this is technical support.

How may I help you?”


Customer: “Can you help me install love?”


Technical support:

“Certainly, I can assist you with that. Are you ready?”


Customer: “I am not so good with technical stuff…

But I think I am ready. How do I begin?”


Technical support:

“First step is to open your heart.

Do you know where it is located?”


Customer: “Yes I do, but there are other programs

running on it now… Can we install love while other

programs are running?”


Technical support: “What other programs are running now?”

Customer: “There’s some old wounds, low self esteem, resentment and anger…”


Technical support:

“No problem, love will gradually erase the old wounds out of the system.

Love will replace low self esteem with the upgraded module called self confidence

But you have to first turn off resentment and anger…

These prevent proper installing of love…

Can you delete them?”


Customer: “I don’t know how to delete them.. Can you guide me?”


Technical support:

“Yes, gladly. Install forgiveness and restart the system.

Repeat a few times until resentment and anger are deleted”


Customer: “Ok… done… Love is restarting itself…”


Technical support:

“Ok, remember that you are only installing the basic program.

You need to start connecting to others in order to get the upgrades…”


Customer: “Darn, I am getting an error!

It says: ‘error, the program doesn’t work on external components’

What does that mean? What do I do now?”


Technical support:

“Don’t worry. It means that love is supposed to work internally first…

In other words, it means that you must first love yourself,

before you can love others”


Customer: “So what do I do?”



Technical support:

“Install ‘self acceptance’, then ‘self forgiveness’ and finally ‘set boundaries’…”


Customer: “Ok, done”


Technical support:

“Great, now copy them to the “My heart” folder on the main hard drive…

The system will delete any clashing programs…

Now you have to delete “self criticism” and “self doubt” from all folders…

Make sure that you “empty trash” so they don’t stay in the recycle bin…”


Customer: “I did it! my heart is filing up with new files!

I’m seeing a big smile on my screen… peace, serenity and satisfaction

are uploading now…”


Technical support: “Very good… sometimes it can take a while to install,

but it always happens at exactly the right time…

So now that love is installed and running,

I wanted to tell you to forward it to everyone you know..

It’s freeware open source…

They will bring back new upgrades in time 🙂 “

The unexplained store

Click the image to upgrade your spirit


  1. Absolutely wonderful! Thank you, thank you, thank you!

    • It is great and thought provoking.We require to dexoxicate ourselves with such support.
      We should try

    • Truly beautiful – intelligently written.

  2. This is so real an wonderful…..i love this.tanx

  3. excellent. Thank you

  4. Thank You -for Sharing, this is really awesome.

  5. Really nice. Works on all configurations.

  6. ” That is one of the most beautiful written comment I have ever read”Keep up the great work” and thank you”

  7. Love it!
    Many times I needed a complete reboot!
    Thank you, Karen

    PS Was my role many years ago, Help Desk, Customer Support
    But this is a unique problem to me! (but common?!!!) Love

  8. Beautifully narrated story.

  9. Very cute and makes me stop and think. I like that.

  10. Genius. My software is now rebooted. Deleted old program…



  11. Very nice and easily understood—

  12. “I get it” So awesome. It’s like downloading from God’s file

  13. Ha I love it! <3

    • So glad! <3

  14. Thank you, that was wonderfully done, put a huge smile on my face come the end of it !

    • Yay! 🙂

  15. inspiring and beautiful

    • Thank you!

  16. Hello Karen have just stated reading on your site the inspiration and realising negative belief habits have being connecting my self with various motivational speakers and true to say building good positive habits starts with our self you can adapt that manifestation transformation building small steps aspirations can be changed by shifting our perceptions what you put in is what determines our outcomes strengths and weaknesses are key for determining our prosperity and agenda`s creating in balance minded incentive traits and reason . have listened too the video really nice enchancement sorry about your Ms I am a great believer in holistic medicine and have seen some remarkable recoveries if you need any further help with it may be able to pass some news God is a great healer too have seen many miracle testimonies healing power for those who have faith hope and best for you.

  17. Very innovative. Thanks

  18. Ienjoy reading its very good.

    • Thank you!

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