The Truth of the Law of Attraction

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The Truth of the Law of Attraction

Are you still waiting for the law of attraction to kick in and bring you wealth or love? If so, you may be waiting for a long time. What you need to remember is that the law of attraction is nothing more than a tool. As with any tool you need to learn how to use and implement it for it to work correctly.

If you want to build your own dream home, you aren’t just going to sit around and wait for it to happen? No, you are going to go out and learn the skills necessary to accomplish your dream.

The problem today, is that many people don’t want to have to wait to get what they desire. Instead people want to see immediate results. They then turn to the law of attraction to achieve this. When things don’t happen quickly enough, they just say that this concept is a falsehood.

The better path to take is this:
1. Identify what you want
2. Ask for it,out loud or on paper

3. Define steps to take
4. Notice results


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Just ask your grandparents about how hard they had to work for what they wanted. They weren’t afraid to learn new skills or work long hours in order for their dreams to come true. We all need to start thinking this way again.

The biggest truth about the law of attraction is that you will always get what you are constantly thinking about. If you are always mad and having bad thoughts, only bad things will happen to you. This is not because you did something wrong. It is because you are so focused on negative thoughts you cannot see anything positive. Even if it is happening right in front of your eyes!

This is really a very sad truth about the law of attraction. In order to reap benefits you then need to start thinking in a positive light. Always try to find the bright side to any situation.

To continue on, this means that the law of attraction could be viewed as a mind game. One that you are playing with your own thoughts! So work on changing your perspective of things and see if that doesn’t make an immediate improvement in your life.

When you start doing this you will notice that your life is getting better and those things you desire are coming into your life.

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