The Treasure

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The Treasure

In a small town in Austria..
At a great distance from Vienna..
There lived a man called Isaac.

One night, Isaac had a dream.
In his dream he was informed that,
without a doubt,
if he goes to Vienna and looks under a specific bridge at a specific spot,
he will find such a great treasure of unimaginable wealth.
Gold and diamonds beyond any measure!

The dream was so real,
that Isaac decided to go seek the treasure!

He packed up his few belongings,
and went off on his way to Vienna.

He had to walk since he didn’t have a horse…
Now and then someone took pity on him and gave him a ride in his carriage…

The journey took him quite a long time…
But he finally reached Vienna.

At nightfall, to avoid onlookers,
he went to look under the bridge he saw in his dream.

There he was digging away,
searching for his treasure..

When a night guard spotted him:
“Hey! What are you doing digging there?!”

Isaac was startled and realized he had no choice,
but to tell the guard the truth.

Who knows, maybe in return for a portion
of the treasure the guard will not only leave him alone,
but help him dig as well…

So he told the guard his story…
The dream..
The long and difficult journey..
And that’s why he’s digging at the exact spot the dream showed him..

The guard laughed and said:
“You poor idiot!
Believing in silly dreams!
I also dreamed of a treasure…
In a far away town…
Under the stove of a man called Isaac…”

And as the guard was describing in detail Isaac’s house,
Isaac felt goosebumps all over his body…
There… laughed the guard…
You will find your treasure…

Immediately Isaac returned home and dug under his stove,
Only to find an immense treasure that was always hidden under his nose!


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Food for thought:
How often do we search for answers outside of ourselves,
only to find that we had them all along?

That we already had the treasure,
we just didn’t see it?

And with that, I leave you to enjoy your day..
To seek the treasure in your own heart and in your own home..

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