The Three Brothers

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The Three Brothers

Once upon a time there were three brothers who lived in a small hut in the forest. Every day they went out to chop wood, sell it at the market and make a living. Even though they had a good life they yearned for more. They were not happy.

One day as the brothers came home, they saw an old woman bent over carrying a heavy sack. Immediately they offered to help her and carried the sack for her to her house.

The woman asked the brothers if she could help them with anything in return for their help.

“We’re not happy” Said the older brother
“What would make you happy?” asked the woman

“A huge mansion with lots of servants” Said the older brother
“A big farm that produces lots of crops” Said the middle brother
“A beautiful wife that will be there for me when I get back from work” Said the third brother

“If that will make you happy, you certainly deserve those things for your kindness. Go home and your wishes will come true”
Said the old woman.

They came home and instead of the hut was a huge mansion with servants that waited outside to greet them. Nearby was a field with crops like the second brother asked. A young beautiful woman told the third brother she’s his wife.

They were delighted! They thanked their lucky stars and began getting used to their new lifestyle.
Quickly the days went by and soon it was a year. The happiness didn’t last long. The older brother got sick of taking care of the mansion and managing the servants, so it became run down. The second brother got sick of plowing the fields, so the crops decreased.

The third brother got used to his beautiful wife, he stopped complimenting her and spending time with her, so she became bitter.

And again the three brothers weren’t happy.

They decided to pay a visit to the old woman. “She’s a magician, she made our wishes come true. She’ll tell us the secret to happiness.”

They went to the house of the old woman and told her what has been happening.
“Please tell us how to be happy”

“The secret to happiness is gratitude” she said
“When you learn to be grateful for what you have, only then will you be truly happy”.

The three brothers understood that they have taken what they had for granted and that is why their happiness didn’t last. They went home and changed their ways.

They first brother began appreciating the servants and his mansion. Very fast it looked back as it once was. The second brother plowed his fields properly and enjoyed plentiful crops. The third brother began appreciating his wife and all she does for him and so love flourished..
They remembered that the secret to happiness is appreciation and never took anything for granted again.

And so they lived happily ever after.

The end

Gratitude is the most important thing of all

Perhaps the hardships and pain..
Make us truly appreciate the times they are gone!


Give thanks for all that you have.
If you start counting..
You’ll see..
that it’s much more than you think..

Much Love,


Abundant Mind


  1. May this story be a reminder to us all. Gratitude is indeed the key to happiness. Happiness and good times increase when we are grateful for what we do have. Thank you, Keren.

  2. Great story. Thank you for sharing.

  3. Wonderful

  4. Its very touching.I learned the lesson now.

  5. Thanks for sharing this beautiful story. I’m learning Logotherapy and this story would fit in so well with Viktor Frankl’s theories.

  6. Great story we can all learn from.

  7. Very True Gratitude is relevant to need if we are trusted with little we will gain more trust with bigger abundance

  8. I just love your stories, Keren. Even when I’m rushing somewhere, I always make time to read your posts – thank you for this priceless lesson in “Gratitude”. xoxoxo

  9. beautiful story. One we can learn from. Gratitude is an important characteristic we must display on a daily basis.
    thank you! with lots of gratitude!

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