The sports car

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The sports car

A young man that was about to graduate from college,

was eagerly awaiting the end of the year

and getting his degree.


For a few months he had noticed a really cool sports car,

and knowing that his father was well off enough to get it for him,

he gently hinted thats what he wants as a graduation gift


As the time came near, he expected to hear from his father about the car.

However, for some reason, his father didnt show any signs that he got the hint.


On the morning of the day of the graduation ceremony,

the father called his son to his study,

and praised him for his achievements.

He told him that he is so proud to have such a successful son,

and how much he loved him.


Then he handed his son a package beautifully wrapped,

and told him that this was his graduation gift.


Curious, yet disappointed, the son opened the package to discover

a decorated Bible, in leather binding with his name embossed in gold on the cover.


In a rage he called out to his father:

With all the money you have, this is what you give me??”


He slammed the book on the table, and stormed out of the room.


Many years have passed.


The son left home that day and moved away to a different city,

far from his father that has let him down.


He became a very successful man,

nice house in the suburbs,

and a wonderful family.


From time to time he thought of his father,

and one day he decided to stop the resentment,

a dads a dad!

He decided to go and visit,

he hadnt seen him since graduation.

Hes probably very old by now.


Before he managed to make the travel arrangements,

he got a message that his father passed away,

and left him all of his property.


The lawyer told him that he must arrive soon,

to take care of the will.


When he came back to the house that had been his home,

great regret and sorrow passed through him,

for the rip he had created between them.

If I could only turn things back…. he thought.

He started organizing the papers on his fathers desk,

and emptying the drawers.


At the corner sat the Bible that his father gave him for graduation,

still half wrapped in the fancy gift paper.

With tears and his eyes he took the book,

and flipped through it.


There was a small bookmark in the Bible,

that opened  at a chapter that discussed unconditional love from father to son.


With great emotion he hugged the Bible to his chest

Then something fell out of the wrappings.


When he picked it up he saw

That it was a key with a key chain

That had the name of that same dealership

Where he saw that car he wanted

All those years ago.

On the other side of the tag was a note:

Paid In Full


This is a heartbreaking story, that unfortunately

I get to see often in real life, in different versions.


Who knows how much we miss,

when we let our egos take over.


Anger, rage and pride cloud our judgment,

and we lose what matters most.


This is so easy to do in judgment and criticism,

of those we love and love us.


Without giving the benefit of a doubt,

letting our own insecurities control us.


I am guilty as charged of this as well,

and I am always learning.


This story is a great reminder,

that things are not always as they seem.


And counting to 10 before reacting…

is probably the best advice we have ever received.


Click on the image to learn to practice forgiveness


  1. I felt very guilty after reading after reading The Sports Car. I have done somethings that I am not proud of. I know that in my heart I will do my hardest to treat my family with love and respect and gratitude. Thank you Keren for sharing that story.

    • I hope that you have time to correct it.
      Blessings to you

    • God, what a heartbreaking story. This really caught my attention over all the other email messages in my inbox today.

      • Thanks Benjamin

  2. Wonderful story! Thank you! Do I have your permission to use it as reading material with my young students in English classes? Thank you again!

    • Sure Laura, be my guest.

  3. Ththe document or story as you refer, is in fact apowerful lesson in the need for greater thanksgiving, hunility and patience in life.

    I am an architect who is completing a book on spiritual and nutritional healing. I ask that God continues to guide you with expanded spiritual wisdon.

    By the way, your site only provides a faint print for email responses, therefore, very difficult to read. I look forwrd to hearing from you. Gog bless

    • Good luck with your book!

  4. thank you

  5. Keren perfect story at perfect time. Thank you my friend for this awesome reminding story. Keren I had a question to ask you and this story confirmed it. Love ya my friend and God bless….

    • It was a perfect time for me as well to hear it too 🙂 Send more photos Rich!

  6. Wery wise story, thank you for sharing.

    • Thank you for reading

      • This a very powerful story!!

        • Great to see you here Mompati!

  7. This isn’t the first time I have heard this story, and when I do, I am reminded of how grateful I am. As a young man in the military, I came “home” one summer while moving from one end of the country to the other. My first night at home, I was going to go out and leave my father behind for another time. My mother stopped me and told me my father was anxiously waiting for this moment to go out and help me celebrate my birthday that had passed two months earlier. I readjusted my plans and went out with Dad and we got to celebrate my 21st birthday. The next morning, I took him to a hospital, which he died in three weeks later. I am so grateful I listened to my mother, or I would have never had the opportunity to spend those final moments with my Dad. I know he was happy, and I am forever grateful

    • Wow, Thomas, I am so glad you did also. There is nothing more precious than time well spent with our parents. Thank you for sharing

  8. This is really a very powerful story I have read. I even used it during our Sunday School Class. It really teach us how to appreciate things in a humble way. That we must always consider that even small things that comes from our loves one it was mingled with love and we must appreciate it. Thank you Keren for this wonderful story.

    • Thank you dear Florante, I am very glad that you shared it at Sunday School class.

  9. Keren, I must say I love all your stories. They are all so inspirational.

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