The Sack

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The Sack

This is a Sufi Story from the Middle East, the original can be found here

Mula came upon a frowning man walking along the road to town.

“What’s wrong?” he asked.

The man held up a tattered bag and moaned:

“All that I own in this wide world barely fills this miserable, wretched sack.”

“Too bad,” said Mula, and with that, he snatched the bag from the man’s hands and ran down the road with it.

Having lost everything, the man burst into tears and, more miserable than before, continued walking.

Meanwhile, Mula quickly ran around the corner and placed the man’s sack in the middle of the road, where the man would have to come upon it.

When the man saw his bag sitting in the road before him, he laughed with joy, and shouted: “My sack! I thought I’d lost you!”

Watching through the bushes, Mula chuckled: “Well, that’s one way to make someone happy!”


To quote Joni Mitchell in Big Yellow Taxi:

“Don’t it always seem to go,
That you don’t know what you’ve got
‘Till it’s gone”

‘Nough said.

Appreciate what you have.



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  1. Hiya and thank you for that very very simple yet so POWERFUL that you begin to see the very simple yet wonderful things/people etc in your life that has always been there no matter what and yet those very things become invisible. This simple story shows me that how can I reach for the goals/people places ideas situations all the while NOT appreciate what I have here in the now
    Because once I do reach a goal or job etc. They’ll Bc invisible too. So it’s a constant need and be miserable
    So to NOW APPRECIATE what I once kept invisible Bc those are the things that will make me happy and able to humbly appreciate what’s to come. I hope I made sense here lol But if not for you it did for me and I appreciate you sending me this. I’m putting this story where I can read it in the morning to keep my appreciation in check ! Thank you again

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