The Gold Ring

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The Gold Ring

A young student went to consult his teacher about a problem.
“I just can’t handle this by myself” said the student
“Everybody tells me that I am useless,
stupid and ignorant. How can I change? “Sorry, Son, I am too busy right now with
my own problems” Said the teacher.But a second later he said:
“Maybe if you can help me with my problem,
I’ll have time to help you with yours”

“Of course, Sir” said the student, wondering how he could possibly help his teacher.
The teacher pulled a gold ring off his finger and said:
“Get on your horse and take this ring to the market.
When you get there, try to sell the ring at the best
price possible, but do not sell it for less than 1 gold coin
“The boy took the ring and went to the market.
The merchants were curious to find out what he was asking for it.
When they heard the price they all started laughing.
Some offered him a silver coin or even copper but the boy would not budge.
Disappointed with his failure he rode back to his teacher.
“I’m sorry Sir” Said the boy

“I failed you, I could have gotten some silver or copper but not gold “Well” Said the teacher
“We must discover the true value of the ring.
Get on your horse again and go to see the goldsmith.
He will know the true value of the ring,
but do not sell to him, no matter what he offers you”

A short ride later the boy reached the goldsmith.
He gave him the ring to examine.

The goldsmith looked carefully at it, weighed it and said:
“Tell your teacher that if he wants to sell today,
I can only give him 50 gold coins for it”

“50 gold coins???” Screamed the boy
“Yes..” Said the goldsmith
“But in a little while I believe I’ll be able to offer 70..”

The boy rushed back to tell the good news to his teacher.
After listening to his student’s story, the teacher said:

“You, and every single one of us are like that gold ring –
A precious treasure. But it takes a wise expert
to be able to see our true value”


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This story speaks to me on so many levels.
First, I am a jeweler myself and it’s amazing to
see the difference between the quality of stones and metals.
It also takes special people to see the true
value each one of us brings as a person. So don’t listen to the naysayers at the peanut
gallery like those people at the market.

Seek counsel only from experts who can recognize your true and unique value.


  1. very nice story.. it’s really true .. no one can really know our true value but only those who treasures us and knows us most.. thank you and have a nice day always 😀

    • Absolutely!

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