The check

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The check

A business owner got himself into financial trouble and close to bankruptcy.
One day he just sat on a park bench thinking if there’s anything he could do to save his company.

An old man sat there too and asked him what was wrong. He told his story.

The old man said:
“I believe I can help you”
He took out his checkbook, wrote a check, folded it and gave it to the man saying:
“Take this money now, meet me here a year from today at the exact same time. You can pay me back then.” He disappeared as fast as he showed up.

The man opened the check and saw half a million dollars, signed by John Rockefeller, one of the richest men in the world.
“I can pay up all my debts immediately” He thought to himself

But then, he decided to keep the check in his safe.
Knowing the check was there gave him the energy to think of a solution and save his business.

Ancient secrets of kings

With his new found optimism he negotiated with his suppliers and debt collectors and received significant extensions.
He was also able to better market and started closing some bigger deals.

Within a few months he paid back all his debts and became profitable.

Exactly a year later he came back to the same spot same time with the check, he was excited to share his success story with Rockefeller. Just as the old man showed up, a nurse came from a nearby hospital and pulled the old man to her.

“I hope he didn’t bother you” she said
“He always runs away from the hospital and tells people he’s John Rockefeller”

The business man stood there shocked. The entire year he worked hard, closed deals, bought and sold, thinking he had a half a million dollar back up.

Suddenly he realized that it wasn’t the money that made it all possible.
It was his confidence that gave him the belief and strength knowing he could achieve anything.

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  1. Thank you for this wonderful story, dear Keren. I have a similar one which urges all women to throw out stupid beliefs about “age” and just concentrate on being as young as you can. Age is a disease and should be treated as such. More details on my website :

    • I visited your website Marie Anne – You are beautiful and the website is fantastic!! I encourage everyone to go visit Marie -Anne’s website! Link above

  2. If it worked for him, why not for me? Somebody told me about that story before but it then just went away, but today I do not know why but I had to sit and really think about it. This story today makes me realize that it would not kill me and on the contrairy it will be just great for me and my future.
    Thank you very much!
    Sometimes, things are coming to us with good intentions and we do not even dare looking at them, but today after reading and re-reading this story it feels different, as I feel that Something is disturbing me. It feels to me that I need to go upfront by myself now without counting on others and that if I apply the tools that are coming to me into a correct manner, I will then be able to succeed.
    Thank you, Thank you, Thank you

    • Absolutely Danielle. That is the spirit. He had it all in himself already, he just needed a little push. Maybe this is yours?

  3. This also lets me know that if I put myself into what I truly feel is right…then nothing can go wrong.

    • So true! love it!

  4. I would have cashed the check and find out the truth much sooner, but also feel disavowed sooner

    • Feel ddiempowered i mean

  5. As usual, a meaningful story which motivates people to tap their inner strength.

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