The brick

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The brick

A young successful executive drove his new Jaguar down a neighborhood street.

He was driving very fast, all the while checking for kids or anything that would slow him down.

All of a sudden, a brick hit his car. A brick!

He stopped and got out of the car to check the damage. He was furious!

He grabbed the kid that threw the brick and started yelling at him:

“What did you do that for? This is a brand new car! Look how much damage you’ve caused!”

The boy apologized :”I’m sorry but I didn’t know what to do..I threw the brick because no one stopped..”

Between his tears he pointed at the sidewalk and said:”That’s my brother. He rolled off his wheelchair and I can’t lift him back up”

Now he was sobbing.”Will you help me lift him back up to his wheelchair? He’s hurt and he’s too heavy for me to lift..”

The young manager tried to hide his own tears and shame now.

He quickly lifted the disabled boy into the wheelchair and cleaned up his wounds, which were superficial.

“Thank you” Said the boy “God bless you”

The young executive stood there watching as the boy rolled his brother back home.

The walk back to the Jaguar was long.

The damage was significant but he never bothered fixing it.

He left it there as a constant reminder for himself:”Don’t move too fast through life, so that a brick will have to land on you to get your attention!”

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