The brave old mule

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The brave old mule

There was once a farmer that had an old mule.

Unfortunately, one day, the mule fell into the well in the yard.

The farmer heard the mule screaming in pain and even though he liked the mule, he decided that neither the mule nor the well are not worth the trouble of saving.

He got together the neighbors and asked them to dig up dirt to bury the mule with the well. That way, he will solve both problems at once.

At first, the old mule panicked. Not only was he on the bottom of the well, now they were trying to bury him alive.

Panic Away

But as they kept throwing buckets of dirt at him, an idea sparkled.

He realized, that every time a pile of dirt hit his back, he just had to shake it off and climb on top of it.

That is exactly what he did. Every time a pile of dirt landed on his back, he shook it off and stood on it. That is how he continued to encourage himself to keep going, one bucket of dirt at a time.

Despite the pain and the humiliation, the old mule fought bravely and kept stepping up.

It wasnt long before the beat up but victorious old mule stepped out of the well, and jumped over the edge.

The farmer and the neighbors were amazed. What seemed at first to bury the mule, turned out to be what saved his life.


At first I wasnt sure about the story because it seems cruel, but the point its making is amazing.

Sometimes in life there are situations that seem just too difficult to bare. Is it possible to shake off the dirt and step on top of it?

How victorious would we come out the other end?

Imagine that feeling of stepping over your troubles instead of getting buried by them. To me, thats an encouraging picture.



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  1. A very nice and positive perspective.
    Thank you for sharing, God Bless!!
    Janet S.Anthony – India.

    • Thank you Janet!

  2. good and encouraging

    • Thank you Augustine!

  3. I have heard this story before. When I got your link on email, it was a timely read becuase I, too, like the mule, am having dirt tossed on my back. And this story tells me to do something (shake it off) and keep going, until I am out of the well.

    • Same here. Life is tossing tons of dirt on my back. Time I shake it off and get out of the well.

  4. The fact is every misfortune can be turned around with the right attitude and mindset. Thanks as always Keren

    • Thank you Edwin!

  5. That was a lovely story and thought provoking

    • I thought so too 🙂 Thank you!

  6. An absolute God Send, I had finished talking with my Spiritual teacher re a most difficult situation I’ve been having to face daily….I then went to my e-mail and unlike prior visits I opened my first message ,,,.
    Thank You Namaste

    • So glad it helped! God bless

  7. Excellent. Thank you for share!

  8. Very impressive. I have decided to not let nothing or no one stand in my way.

  9. Although we know these motivational storiess, time and again we need to hear the. And believe me, I get it nowehere, when I need to read/ hear one. I believe that is the Universe giving me a message and keeping me safe !!!!!!!.
    This time it was through you Keren Peled !!! Thank you.

  10. Although we know these motivational stories, time and again we need to hear the. And believe me, I get it from nowhere, when I need to read/ hear one. I believe that is the Universe giving me a message and keeping me safe !!!!!!!.
    This time, it was through you Keren Peled !!! Thank you.

  11. Thanks for this lovely and inspiring story.

  12. As always, Keren, you are such an inspiration! Thank you.

  13. Encouraging..but easier said than done.

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