The Black Dot

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The Black Dot
A woman in 40’s came in for confession and told the priest:
“Father, my house is falling apart…
It’s old and run down and we have no money to fix it.
Our kids run around outside all day…
And never get their homework done on time.
Our car broke down..
And my husband got me for my birthday,
only a book and a birthday card…
So unromantic…
Everything is just so bad..
I don’t know what to do..”
The priest came out of the booth and told the woman to get near.
Took a piece of paper and drew on it a black dot.
“What do you see here?” asked the priest
“A black dot” said the woman
“What else?” asked the priest
“Nothing” said the woman
“You forgot something important” Said the priest
“You see the paper too”
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The woman smiled 🙂
Her kids run around outside,
because they are healthy and full of life…
Her car broke down but at least she has one,
not everybody does…
Her husband may have not picked the best gift,
but he thought of her…
She understood that often we focus on the black dot,
and miss the paper…


  1. I love the picture of the ripples and the butterfly it is amazing, can I get a copy anywhere.
    I also fully understood the logic behind the paragraph above and work in this format with my clients all the time. Thank you for an inspirational website.

    • Thanks Pauline! I will email you the butterfly 🙂

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