The Bamboo Tree

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The Bamboo Tree

There was once a man in a faraway land,
that greatly desired happiness and success in his life.

He began studying with the best teachers in his town.

From his study, he understood that his difficulties all
come from his thinking habits, his limiting beliefs and
his responses to what’s happening to him.

He decided to work on himself to change.
Every morning he made the decision to act, think and feel differently.

Every evening he was disappointed to see that he wasn’t really very successful.

He kept up the work and went to another teacher, and another,
yet the success he prayed for did not arrive.

Despair began to nag at him, so he decided to turn to the
oldest of teachers, that lived far away on a mountain.

After traveling for 3 days and 3 nights he arrived at the teacher’s cabin.

The teacher was in a middle of a lesson to his students,
so he waited patiently to the end of lesson.

The man then turned to the teacher and told him all his troubles and doubts.

The teacher listened carefully and then replied with a smile:

“Let me tell you about the Chinese Bamboo Tree.

The Chinese Bamboo is a tree that grows very tall.
But, that growth comes about in a very special way.

When you plant the seed of a Bamboo tree,
you take care of it with plenty of sunlight, water and fertilizer.

And then nothing happens.

Not for the first year.
Not for the second..
Or the third..
Or the the forth…

But you continue to take care of it with plenty of sunlight, water and fertilizer.

Then all of a sudden, as if by magic..
The tiny seed shoots up to the sky and grows and grows and grows!
Sometimes it might even grow a full yard a day!
For 6 weeks it can grow 30 yards.

During the 4 years when it seemed like nothing was happening,
a complex system of roots developed underground,
that would be able to support the Bamboo tree when
it’s ready to shoot up on the 5th year.

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Many of us grow like the Bamboo tree, said the teacher.
For a long time we work, study
and expand yet it seems like nothing is happening.

But this is not the truth.
Under the surface many changes are taking place that
will allow for significant growth down the road.

Do not despair my dear son.
Keep investing in your growth, study and practice the best you can.

The results will come in time,
they MUST.

I encourage you to remember this story.
And next time when you feel that the changes
are not happening fast enough in your life,
remind yourself of the Bamboo tree.

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