The $20 bill

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The $20 bill

A well known lecturer began his lecture by holding up a $20 bill
There were 200 students in the room and he asked:
“Anybody interested in this $20 bill?” All hands went up.

“I’m going to give this bill to one of you,
but first, let me do this”
He folded up the bill a few times.

“Who still wants it?”
Hands were still up

Then he threw the bill on the floor and began crushing it.
He picked it up, all crumpled, smashed and dirty and asked again:

“Anybody wants it now?”
Most hands were still up

“My friends, you all learned a valuable lesson just now. No matter what I did to the money, you still wanted it because it’s value did not decrease, it was still worth $20. Many times we stumble, we fall, we beat ourselves for bad decisions made, mistakes or awful circumstances. We feel worthless.

But no matter what happened, or what will happen you will never lose your value. Never let past disappointments overshadow tomorrow’s dreams!”


Very recently I celebrated my birthday.

This was a big birthday. A decade passed!

This story illustrates the greatest gift we can give someone and ourselves.

Just to let us be who we are.

It’s such a relief to be accepted as you are with all your faults, problems, pains and little crazy ideas about things. We are always valuable.

Sometimes I do my best. Sometimes not. Sometimes I just wanna play a silly game and that’s ok.

Think about it for moment, what a relief it is to be who you are without striving, just accepting. Doesn’t that take a huge weight off your shoulders and lets you breath easier?

Funny to say this in the beginning of the year when everyone says “Set goals!”, “Become your best self!”, I’m all for it, but it gets a little stressful and there’s an underlining tone of it that who we are is not good enough. That is simply not true. As in the story, we never lose our value.

That is my gift to you today, you ARE good enough just the way you are.
You ARE your best self. You ARE valuable!

Give yourself a big hug, from me.



  1. Thank you

  2. I appreciate your thoughts…

  3. Wonderful, and very true, story. Thanks for sharing it and a very happy birthday to you! Here’s to your BEST year ever!

  4. Thank you Keren

  5. Thank you Keren for you’re inspiration you are a good ambassador and have will not forget the richness the Heritage you are bestowing with the gift of treasured memories pearls and jewels in Heaven for what crafted and refined with those in Isreal and the community Wish you all the Best on you’re birthday day and that you have many Days to follow and that God will give find all the strength in you hpe you’re well and that you will be touched all ways by is Healing and wonders not you are not forgotten how could you be

    Thank you

  6. Thank you!!!!

  7. There are man made values, and there are cosmic values. Nice post. Thank you.

  8. great story! Thank you for sharing

  9. Nice!!’!

  10. Great story! Thank you, Keren.

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