Tapping into abundance

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Tapping into abundance

This world is amazingly abundant.
Don’t believe me?
Look outside.
There’s an abundance of air and water, trees filled with fruit!
Look at the animals.

Are they ever worried of not having enough?

Do they have checking accounts, credit cards and checkbooks?
So how do they manage?
They trust!

They have complete trust in the abundance of this world to

supply them with all that they need.
And all this abundance is right there for us as well.
We just block ourselves from it with all our worry.

Abundance is all over.
Open your eyes and you will see.
Once you can do that..
Once you can take the birds’ eye view of abundance..

and your nose away from your latest bank statement..

You will see things begin to shift.
It takes stepping AWAY and UP from “what is” right now

and look at the bigger picture..
This world can supply us with all that we can imagine and more.

We must tap into the vibration of abundance to get into the flow
How do we do it?
We start noticing the abundance that is all around us.
It’s so easy.

Awaken your abundance

Click the image to awaken your abundance

Just look out the window and you will see
The abundance of clouds..

Smell the abundance of air..

Turn on the faucet and feel the abundance of water..
That’s abundance.

It’s all there for us.
Start to notice and appreciate it..

And very soon you will begin to experience it in your bank account.

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