Success Comes to Those That Ask

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Success Comes to Those That Ask

Have you ever noticed that successful people asked to be successful? This doesn’t mean that their success was an easy path. Instead it means that they were passionate enough about becoming successful, that they did whatever it took to reach it. The good thing is you can follow in their footsteps!

Being successful in life in part means knowing how to deal with and overcome obstacles. Everyone agrees that life loves to throw you curve balls, usually at very inopportune moments. Knowing how to deal with these curve balls is what will bring you success down the road.

This is such an important topic that plenty of books have been written on the subject. One of the best selling ones is the Aladdin Factor by Jack Canfield and Mark Victor Hansen.

They talk about having the willingness to ask for things in life. This ability is what allows your dreams and goals to come true. Everyone can do this if they just take a chance on themselves and start asking for success.

Of course leading a successful life entails more than just being able to ask for things. You need to have the ability to follow through and get those things that you just asked for. If you study successful people you will see that they are action takers. They are willing to go out and get what they want. If you too want to be successful, don’t wait for anything to be handed to you.

This doesn’t mean either that good things always happen to them. What it does mean is that they are open to changing direction if and when necessary.

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Say for example, your dream was to have a job that involved fewer hours at your office. You asked your current employer if you could start telecommuting and they said no. Instead of accepting this and feeling frustrated with your life, you took action.

You started looking for a job where you could work from home part of the time. An opportunity becomes available but it is in a different town. Being the open and willing person you are, you decide that you will make the move to a new location. After all you are getting what you have always dreamed of.

Now if you weren’t open to moving then this opportunity may have never been presented to you. It most certainly wouldn’t have if you hadn’t asked your boss and gotten a no in return. You took action and this turned into a successful move on your part.

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