Self Discipline: How to Improve Your Chances of Success

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Self Discipline: How to Improve Your Chances of Success
Learning to control your behavior and change bad habits is important for both self growth and accomplishing your goals in life. Motivating yourself to do what you need to do, when you need to do it is only part of the picture. Exchanging good habits for bad ones is also part of developing self discipline.

Where people end up having issues is they often misunderstand what discipline is, thinking it is just a matter of willpower. This is one of many reasons why a lot of diets fail, along with many New Year resolutions. Being too impatient or not planning goals well are other reasons why people have trouble developing discipline. An example of why willpower is not the whole issue is when you are doing something you really enjoy or feel passionate about, you can end up staying up all night without sleep. That is not because of willpower, that is because you are enjoying it enough to keep doing it.


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For example, you may find that getting up and jogging every morning before getting ready for work to be very difficult to do and that you can not do it consistently. The common response to this is to say oh you have no willpower. Yet you may be the same person who will spend hours dancing on the weekend or riding your bike. Instead of pushing yourself to jog, why not find ways to add more dancing or bike riding into your weekdays.

Find when the best time of day for you is to make changes in your life. If you are not a morning person, instead of trying to make yourself exercise before you even have your coffee and breakfast, think about your lunch hour or after work. You may find exercising just before bed to be the best time for you. The time is not the important factor, consistency is.

Music can be a great help in developing discipline. Find music that works for you to keep you energized and focused. Make up a playlist that you use only for that activity so you can train your brain to know that when this playlist is on, it is time to focus on exercising or on writing, or whatever the activity is you are trying to do on a regular basis. Using a headset or earphones will help with cutting out distractions or disturbing those around you.

Discipline does not have to be as hard as you may think it is to develop. Start thinking outside the box and find ways to make it easier to build new habits that improve your life.

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