Praying for rain

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Praying for rain

In a remote village, it hasn’t rained for many years. The drought was just unbearable.

When the village people had finished all their food, they decided that all men will climb up to the tallest mountain to pray for rain.

A long line of men and boys started to head up the mountain.

At the end of the line, a 5 year old boy was dragging a big umbrella behind him.

An old man that watched him with it, asked:”Tell me boy, what are you doing? Why are you dragging this big umbrella, it hasn’t rained for years!”

Then the boy answered:”We’re going to pray for rain, right?!”

Food for thought:When we pray and ask for what we want; are we doing it with the complete faith & certainty of a 5 year old that believes whole heartedly that his prayer will be answered?

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