Prayers for Geraldine

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Prayers for Geraldine

Update below 


A dear friend of a dear friend, Geraldine Bissett,

Is going through a vascular bypass surgery,

Friday Nov 18th

at 1 pm in Baumount Hospital, Dublin Ireland


This surgery is crucial for her health

As she has diabetes, and at risk of losing a leg.

Your prayers are requested will all my love

and I thank you from the bottom of my heart.


Please do write below, also with the country you’re writing from

So Geraldine will see that people from all over the world are praying for her

And that will strengthen her spirit.



We are truly amazed by your response..
Your willingness to pray for Geraldine..

to jump in, with words of encouragement..
For the success of Geraldine’s surgery.

Wow. Your personal stories,
poems and prayers are a godsend.

Geraldine is forever grateful,
and so am I and my friend and healer Alfred.

Wanted to give you an update:

Surprisingly, Geraldine’s surgery was postponed
To next Thursday Nov 24th.

We are asking to please keep up your prayers for a few more days.

Perhaps the collective power of our group prayer
will heal Geraldine,
and prevent this surgery altogether???

Lets confuse the doctors 🙂

Yours always,

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  1. David from Scotland is pleased to pray for her healing and sees her healthy and well again.

    • Please God Give Him Strength , as he goes through this operation of a lifetime. May God give the Doctors and the Nurses in the operating room a focus mind and guidance throughout this operation

    • Dear Geraldine, tonight and in the early hour of 5 am in the morrow i shall meditate especially for you. Believe that you will be cured. We are all of one consciousness and my good thoughts and vibration resonates wih your self-belief and surely you will begin to heal yourself, and you will be well. Be happy and joyful, my friend. Wishes for you.

    • Elize from Canada I am praying for her full recovery in Jesus name! Amen

      • Praying for God to giver her favor of renewal health and a successful healing.

  2. Prayers to the Almighty God on her surgery, God is good, he will hear and answer our prayers.

    From New York City,

  3. Sending you Prayers

  4. Sending prayers

  5. In Jesus mighty name Amen

  6. Gerald ,


  7. Heavenly father I lift Geraldine up in prayer and ask for your grace and mercy. Please work through the hands of her surgeons and allow her to find comfort in knowing that you are with her. In Jesus name I ask and pray. Amen.


  8. Good afternoon from The Sea Ranch, Sonoma, Ca. We shall certainly keep Geraldine and loved ones in prayer for a successful procedure and rapid recovery and healing!


  10. Prayers, love & healing light surround you Geraldine. Best wishes for your recovery ~ Caroline UK xxxxxx

  11. G., sending light and love from Los Angeles.

  12. Keren, I pray health. Rob USA

  13. May God be with you and Give you comfort and strength during the surgery and hold the hand of the Surgeon, so that you may be a new again. God Bless You. Patty Florida

  14. I am sending Love & Light for a prompt recovery to Geraldine Bissett, in the name of Jesus our Savior, Amen !!!


  16. William in California US of A prays for her healing and sees her healthy and well again

  17. Geraldine,

    I send my prayers on the Wings of Angels.

  18. Sending you prayers from Belgium! Let go and met God.

  19. I send Geraldine thanks and well-being, peace, love, healing, and support. I bless her doctors, too, sending them thanks and praying that God will deliver His healing to her through them. In Jesus’ name and for the glory of God, let it be so.
    Lisa from Idaho, USA

  20. Praying for a success for surgery and speedy recovery!! Many blessings from the Big Island, Hawaii!

  21. sending prayers, light, love & healing

    karla from calgary ab canada

  22. From Bethlehem PA USA. I pray for your full and complete healing. May you be surrounded by God’s loving light with His mighty angels guarding you and guiding your doctors. To your quick and full recovery! Love, Peggy

  23. In my prayers tonight, Geraldine. Be brave, and trust xx

  24. I pray fervently that the good Lord will deliver her from the illness and set her free permanently. Alexander

  25. Blessings and prayers for your recovery and angel wings for speedy recovery

    Much love from Tucson AZ

  26. May God Be with you to keep you, protect you and heal you. He answers all our prayers in His time. He will never leave you nor forsake you and by His stripes we are healed. Keep strong and He will be with you dear. God Bless You, Sara
    From Florida, USA

  27. I am praying that Geraldine will be restored to good health real soon.
    Margaret, Dunfermline, Scotland

  28. I decree in the Name of Yeshua haMashiach, that Geraldine Bissett’s vascular bypass surgery is successful; I decree that Yahweh, in the form of Yeshua haMashiach, guides the surgeion’s hands and he/she successfuly completes the surgery, and that Ms. Geraldine heals rapidly, with no complications. I decree, in the Name of Yeshua haMashiach, that by His stripes, she is healed of diabetes, her pancreas functions as a new pancreas until she steps into eternity. I decree that she walk in Divine Health all the days of her life while in her current earthsuit, in Yeshua haMashiach’s Name. I decree that what has come upon her once, nor anything like it, will ever come upon her a second time, nor ever again. Amen!

    (Check out Joan Hunter/Hunter Ministries on the internet for prayers. You can also call or submit a prayer request onlline.

    Sheila D. Danzell, Louisiana, USA

  29. Wishing you all the best my darling .I will be sending you Reiki Healing in the next few minutes
    Bless you
    With lots of Love

  30. Geraldine…May You be completely restored to Your Divine Magnificent Self…
    Much Love from Irene
    in B.C. Canada 🙂

  31. Latasha from Usa is praying for her God is right there for her In Jesus Name AMEN!

  32. Have faith in our Lord, all will be good and life will be great. Fear not as Jesus will help carry your cross. All the best Australia

  33. God be with you, comfort and keep you well during and after your operation. Ma te Atua koe e manaaki – Amine

  34. May god be with you in jesus name we pray.with lots of love.

  35. My Prayers are with her , all the time.

  36. I will send a mass on her intention. God will take care of her. Rosália from Brazil.

  37. prayers from kansas united states

  38. I pray Jesus will be with you and get you thru the surgery and a fast recovery. You will be stronger than before. .Thank you Jesus for answering this prayer…Ruth from the USA.

  39. Prayers and blessings to Geraldine!!! God is with you and will see you through this. In Jesus name Amen!!!
    London Ontario Canada.

  40. Geraldine may Jesus be before you during and through recovery of your surgery. May the Angels of God watch over you. God bless and keep you in Jesus’ Name. Sending you love and light. You are in my prayers. You will be whole and well by His love. . Godspeed. Amen! And so it is.
    Jen NJ,USA

  41. Please Jesus send your healing angels for you know the request amen……….from Hawaii

  42. Meredith from Australia is happy to pray for Geraldine and sees her happy and well, with a healthily operating vascular system. Sending mountains of love to Geraldine and Keren.

  43. Geraldine will be in my prayers starting this evening. Will also ask for the Divine Healers to lay Their loving energy over her and to guide the doctors and nurses.

    With love, prayers and blessings,

    Debbie W.

  44. FFrom Washington, DC. Yu and yur entire family are in my prayers. May God heal body and strengthen your soul. Love Florencetine

    • I claim God’s healing and restorative power in Jesus’ name for Geraldine

  45. Wishing you healing and good health

  46. God is the real healer. The doctors are instruments of God. Hence, trust God will be there and will make the procedure light, easy and successful! Be healed completely in mighty name of Jesus!

  47. Prayers for a great surgery and speedy recovery- Michigan, USA

  48. Dear Geraldine,

    You are in my prayers! May God see you through your perfect, healing surgery and bless you with his healing light!

    with love,
    Jan from Aurora, CO

  49. Prayers are the best gift you can give to anyone so I will keep her in my payers for a safe and speedy recovery. God bless you. Christy Ga.

  50. From India .our god will help us.

  51. Prayers from Indianapolis,Indiana United States of America!!!

  52. From Hillsboro, Oregon. Sending pure love and light for a successful surgery and speedy recovery.

  53. I am believing God for complete and total healing for Geraldine. May the peace of God that passes all understanding cover Geraldine and her loved ones.
    Kim, Chicago, Illinois

  54. Prayers for the highest spirits to surround Geraldine Bissett in the coming days and see her through to perfectly restored health. Amen

  55. Prayersfrom Simo Valley, California USA. May The Lord watch over her and all the doctors and medical personnel and equipment involved. May all be blessed for her speedy recovery to health and may The Lord sends powerful healing angles and love to be with her. In Jesus name, amen.

  56. Claudette
    From Canada
    Geraldine will be in my thoughts and Prayers for a healthy healing!

  57. God answers all prayers . Please know we are all praying for a fast and easy recovery. also sending healing energy and love.

  58. From Israel also, I willb pray for you. What is your mother name? Monique

  59. Sending prayers from U.K.

  60. I asked the Lord to be by your side and heal you. Also asked thqt he be with the doctors, and guide them. You are very much loved.
    Pat USA

  61. Thy will be done, God bless.

  62. Prayers for a speedy recovery

  63. Sending prayers to you and your family ……

  64. Geraldine,
    May God heal your body and spirit. May you be encouraged and raised up. Bless you and speedy recovery and complete healing.

    Texas, USA

  65. Melody from Dublin, Ireland. I pray that everyone who touches is blessed with healing hands. I pray for your full and miraculous recovery.
    Love and light.

  66. From Canada. I speak to this mountain that is before you. I command it to move in the name of Jesus. I pray that the surgeons will be guided with insight from above and that all will be well with you.

  67. Philip Birkett.
    From Cornwall UK. My thoughta and prayers will be with Geraldine during her time of need. Everything will be well. Love Philip xx

  68. Here is my pray for your friend.God the father,god the son and god the holy the spirit.Take one of my good credit that store in heaven for me and use on her so she can be healed.I am asking you god tI bless the doctors to. in the name of jesus,amen

  69. Karen I send love and healing to your friend Geraldine xxx

  70. May the power of the Holy Spirit surround you and be upon your condition and all involved.
    May the Radiant light Of Well Being and Joy for celebration of your Healing be made
    manifested now. And so it is with the Sovereign Power of Love and so it is amen

  71. Sending prayers and positive thoughts your way. Allison, Upstate NY, USA

  72. You are in my prayers. May God heal you.

  73. God the Greatest Healer will do the necessary in your life and the needed healing you need shall be yours IJMN. You are healed by the stripes of Jesus Christ. IT IS WELL WITH YOU IJMN, AMEN. -sunday from Nigeria

  74. may God/s favor be upon you to Bless you and heal you.many blessings uon you now

  75. Hi Keren,

    Thanks for the opportunity to pray for Geraldine, I’ll pray some more. Below is a poem you should give her, it will help her attitude of gratitude.


    Thank God for the library,

    when I book a computer that is free,

    and when I need to read something new,

    or when I’ve got nothing to do.

    Thank God for the library,

    when I really need to study,

    or when I need a place to go to,

    when I’m feeling too blue.

    Thank God for the library,

    when I need to refresh my memory,

    or for when I’ve got an essay that is due,

    or I need to find facts that are true.

    Thank God for the library,

    when my town’s library won’t do,

    but I have the option of traveling to the city,

    where resources there are more new,

    Jesus said, “Verily I say unto you.”

    Thank God for the library,

    its where I pay only a small fee for a photocopy.

    And it’s where I can read a really good book,

    or where I can just wander, wonder or look,

    at things like pictures of Jesus, Joseph or Mary.

    Thank God so very much for the local library!

    • Who in the Heavens wrote that poem? Is says everything about what we do with the library, but all rhymes!

  76. Prayers sent from Morganville, NJ USA

  77. Sending, light, love and healing. Auckland, NZ

  78. From Albany New York. Praying that you will regain your health.

  79. From the U.S., Bless you Geraldine, You can do this! Hugs, Pat

  80. God be with you at this time and my prayers for a speedy recovery. We have an awesome God who watches over us. In Jesus name. Amen
    May from Melbourne, Australia

  81. Archangel Raphael I invoke you to be by Geraldine & her team of doctors & medical assistants side for her surgery to be a 100% successful . Please have Geraldine recover pain free & walk freely completely healed. Archangel Micheal please remove an negative energy that surround Geraldine shield her with whit light. Thank you our archangels. Thank you God. Forever Grateful 🙏
    Toronto, Canada

  82. Sending healing prayers your way. Have faith and do not be afraid, the Lord is with you & will not forsake you. In Jesus name, Amen.
    Houston, Tx

  83. She will be fine. In God we trust. I’ll pray and I’ll send my love

  84. Jesus said by his stripes we are healed have faith and believe and it will happen … From the USA

  85. I pray to the Archangel Michael for Geraldine Bissett that she will have a successful surgery and a speedy, full recovery.

  86. I shall be praying for GERALDINE. Father GOD We lift up Geraldine to your HEALING HANDS. WE pray, that YOU will guide the surgeons hand, to heal her ailment. In JESUS NAME- We pray –Amen

  87. In Jesus name I ask and pray for a rapid recovery and total healing.

  88. Praying for a quick recovery from Milwaukee , Wisconsin,USA

  89. Namaste from Mumbai , INDIA –

    Many special moments of prayers for Geraldine.

    Let us see the excellent end results at this beginning.

    Remember, what we see Geraldine as she is meant to be….full of life and healthy to be is what we will get in fruition,

    If a hundred people see great results for Geraldine there is no other way but success.

    When two or more people gather ………

  90. Hi Geraldine, my prayers are with you at thiss time, I command tha t diabetic spirit to come out of your body now and nevere return, I release healing into your whole body now, In Jesus mighty name

  91. My prayers are with you and your friend. Life is a precious expression of our creatures breath. I pray that your friend and all of her family are at peace with what the Creator has in store for Geraldine Bissett.
    Thank you for your request. What a lovely way to connect all of us to each othe


  92. From Parkland , Fl. Sending prayers 🙏🙏🙏🙏

  93. Barbara from Kentucky prays is going up for your friend

  94. prayers and love sent from the uk

  95. My sincerest thoughts and prayers go out to you Geraldine. God’s got this!! Love and healing go out to you.

  96. Prayers for Geraldine .
    Sandi from Nova Scotia Canada.

  97. Sending you healing love and light to you and your friend. Namaste

  98. Here am I; My name is Michael Ray and I am sending out a petition for God to Do Greater things than these and touch Geraldine and bring a miraculous healing to her, mind, body an soul. Hailing from Nebraska, USA

  99. My thoughts and prayers are with you as you have your surgury tomprror RON

  100. Love from Alex and the Earth.

    Sent from Australia

  101. Heavenly Father, we ask that you send your angels to protect Ms. Bissett during her surgery. We thank you in advance for healing her and comforting her. We know that you are bigger than any condition she has. We know that you are always in control and know that everything is possible if we believe. We are believing today that she is healed.

  102. Of course I will pray for Geraldine! I’ve had two Aunts who had the same difficulty. Both of you will be in my prayers during this very painful time! Love and light to you both!:)

  103. Prayers of healing from South Africa xxxx

  104. My thoughts, prayers and best wishes are with Geraldine at this most difficult time. Stephen from England.

  105. Bini from Australia. I pray for your full and complete healing

  106. I have asked God to watch over you and send his angels to help and comfort you and to keep your spirit up.

  107. My thoughts and prayers are with Geraldine. May God be by her side during this time and always.
    Marchele from South Africa

  108. Dear Geraldine! Many prayers for you from Germany! Let God’s will be done! Love and Light for you and your family!

  109. May God bless you with great health! May your surgery be successful! Amen!

    Mukesh kumar singh (India)

  110. Almighty will present and take care the surgery and we all will see her healthy. .
    with love &Prayers Rajan Thomas from Sharjah ..

  111. Devine Intervesion will be yours, as the Devine is with you all the way and will guide every soul and Angel with you.

  112. Devine Intervesion will be yours, as the Devine is with you all the way and will guide every soul and Angel with you.



  115. Dear Lord You have done many miracles and one more will not be one too many. Please God do a miracle for Geraldene.

  116. I entrust you to the greatest physician – God.

    Ed, Calgary, AB

  117. Love and healing to you Geraldine. From Co Laois.

  118. Dear Geraldine, before the surgery commences, close your eyes, take 3 deep breath, think about nothing except this: see your surgery as successful from the beginning to the end. Let the Sovereign Lord of the Universe and God the Almighty, Jehovah of Armies, overshadow you with His Holy Spirit from the beginning of the surgery to the end inn the name of our Lord and Saviour, our now reigning King, Jesus Christ, Amen!!!


  120. .My Prayer for my sister in Christ Geraldine is that God would touch and heal her body in Jesus Mighty Name and that God would be in the operating room and work through the skillful hands of the Doctors and Nurses. I plead the Blood of Jesus over her body, the surgery, and that her operation would be a success. I also come against any complications during and after the surgery and for her to have a speedy full recovery in Jesus Mighty Name. It is already done by faith in Jesus Name.

  121. Good morning Geraldine,
    I sincerely hope and pray that you have a successful surgery and are Blessed with having a swift recovery. May God Amighty prevent you from losing any limbs. May you be whole and healthy following your surgery.
    Peace, light and love.




  122. I, Harshal Bari from India, pray & bless, Geraldine Bissett at Dublin Ireland, all the best of Health, Wealth & Love. Thank you!

  123. Geraldine

    Wishing you fast recovery and prayers for you. Trust and faith in God all will be well.

  124. Geraldine know that you are part of the whole and when two or three are gathered, G-DS promise with you’re faith and trust in you’re belief and desire to be whole in body mind and spirt can only be honoured. You are loved and supported.

    Lisa K Martin-Berg

  125. Blessings from South Africa

  126. Dearest Geraldine, the Angels are ever before you,to protect you from all harm and Gods light will go before you ,I say a prayer for you at this hour, you will have a successful operation in Christ Jesus. Amen.judith from Nigeria

  127. Giraldine I pray for the all caring God, all loving God, to make you right and permanently cover you with his healing light. William Lamola – South Africa.

  128. May God protect you

    Chicago IL USA

  129. May the light and love of Christ heal ,nurture and ascend Geraldine , Angels of Christ be around her, protect ,heal and guide her throught whatever she is experiencing

  130. Sending healing energy and love from Bhutan.
    Get well soon!

  131. Geraldine Know that i will pray for you today and for your speedy recovery. Bermuda
    Michael R.

  132. Geraldine

    May the blessed lord who is all ways to forgive remove the distress and re-kindle the flame break every chain we ask saint Jude the healer may you be refined under is wings Amen

  133. I pray in the Name that is above diabetes & all sickness, the Mighty Name of Jesus for total healing & recovery & that the Doctors be granted the wisdom & all understanding necessary in Jesus Name.

  134. Dear Geraldine, God bless you! Greetings from Estonia.

  135. Dear Geraldine,

    My prayers for a successful operation and gentle healing go with you. May God and the angels bless you on all things!

    United States

  136. Sending healing love and blessings to you . From US my heartfelt love.

  137. Just a formality, with God in our corner WHAT can go wrong?

  138. Prayed…(Washington DC)

  139. Comment that you get through everything painlessly and peacefully and that you get through the storm and become a stronger woman on every level

  140. Geraldine, Blessings and speedy recovery, Prayers coming from Kodiak island in
    Alaska to you. May God keep you safe and heal you quickly.

  141. May God grant her total healing and perfect health.
    Gbolahan from Ibadan, Nugeria.

  142. I was in an accident 37 years ago, C-6 compression fracture. A Dear friend gave me this prayer/mantra that I recited throughout the day. ‘My body was created by God, the Universe and my subconscious mind they know how to heal me. Their wisdom fashioned all my organs, tissues, nerves, muscles and bones. This infinite healing presence within me is now transforming every atom of my being, making me whole and perfect now, I give thanks for the healing I know is taking place now, wonderful are the works of the creative intelligence within me.’ May god bless and keep you in his hands. From Denver, Colorado.

  143. May your friend Geraldine be blessed with a speedy recovery and recount her joys when she has recuperated.

  144. always god beside her

  145. always says our self god in side as

  146. When God commands everything else has to step back. Geraldine, in a few days you will feel no greater love when you look back and realize how Great is Our God,

    Coreen and family South Africa

  147. I sent before my prayers and she must not lose faith, surely a plan for her exists not lose faith, that’s all… no need for the operation i wish and God bless all who contributed to this…

  148. I’ll offer prayers to Geraldine for her recovery and renewal of her health. May the divine light of the Supreme Personality send its rays and cure her illness.

  149. I pray for a successful surgery and speedy recovery and healing sent your way.

  150. May God be with you….you are in my prayers….__h

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