Planting the seed of abundance

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Planting the seed of abundance

I had the most fascinating discussion with my mom about

that I wanted to share with you.


My mom and her family were born in Romania,

and moved to this country in the 60s.


When she was a little girl they left Romania, they were allowed

to take with them 1 suitcase each. That’s it.


Can you imagine immigrating to a new country when all

you have is what you take with you on a weekend getaway?


No money, just some clothes and pots… It’s crazy.


Yet they managed. They found jobs and they were fine.


My mom told me that she never felt lack in her entire life,

she was always grateful for the little that she did have.

1 suitcase, some clothes, some pots, a roof over her head.


Years went by and she met my dad.


He had just about nothing too 🙂


Together they worked for a few years and finally bought

a tiny teeny apartment in a bad part of town.

That’s where I grew up.


We loved that place!


It was cozy, fun and we were together!


This was in the early 80s.


I remember a black and white TV with one channel that I used to “fix” with a kick! LOL

We always felt so fortunate and abundant with the little we did have.


That was the seed of abundance.


You see, the FEELING of abundance brings more abundance.

The seed of abundance is having something, anything at all, and appreciating it deeply.


My parents realized the place was too small after my brother was born, years later,

and we couldnt open the closet doors anymore, it was so tight!

So we moved to a bigger place.


Slowly over the years we have become more and more successful.

The feeling remains the same.


We are grateful for what we have, and we feel amazingly abundant with everything.

That is the key.


Click on the image to discover a path to abundance

Planting the seed of abundance will create and attract more of it,

and it will grow and grow.

Abundance breeds more abundance.


Be happy and grateful for what you have,

just for the sake of being happy and grateful.

Don’t take score too soon, or keep your eye on the stop watch:

“When will it come? when will I have it?”

That will not help.

Plant the seed of abundance now and more will come in time.



  1. Love your posts!!

    • Thank you dear!

  2. Very true for what we receive truly thankful having little brings hope for better things to follow life as so much
    to offer precious moments with friends and family is the pinnacle of knowing value and a tome of sharing our gifts and talents with those least creative moments and shared joys when we build a positive environment and remove all the stress and energise our thoughts helps fortify some of emotives for better things generation builders

    • Wow David! So well said! Can you share some of your thoughts in the community stories section?

  3. see it feel it have it in abundance yes you can have it all

  4. Reading all about abundance is interesting.But without plan and action you can not have abundance in life.So, your mindset, your plan and your action is must in order to have abundance and funfilled life.

    • Inspired action yes. Without becoming a vibrational match to abundance first, one can work very hard for very little (like most people on the planet). Alignment comes first.

  5. tu sii cuvinte romanesti?

    • not really 🙂

  6. You had a great mother.I am both moved and awed by the story.she has a big heart with vision and strong believe in abundance- attitude well planted in her mind since young which were later to germinate into bigger things. She was an optimistic person to brave migrating to a new country for which she very little prepared for. She made a great success in new land she called her motherland.My salutation to your mother.and so you had inherited the good traits from her? ??if so you had inherited something that school never teach.
    Thank you for sharing.

    • Thank you Osman!This is truly something school never teaches so I’m trying to spread the word 🙂

  7. Wow, your mother instinctively knew how the law of attraction works. I’ve learned that giving sincere thanks for everything, especially the small things, activates the law of attraction and keeps giving us more. This was very inspiring and awesome.

    • Exactly Luis, she’s one of the very few people I know that understands intuitively how LOA works. Thank you for being here!

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