One starfish at a time

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One starfish at a time

Here’s a beautiful story I heard recently:

An old man was walking at the beach at dawn before
sunrise to greet the new day as he usually did.

As he was walking, he saw a young man that was very
busy throwing some things from the ground into the ocean.

The old man got closer and saw the lad was picking up each
starfish that washed to shore and threw it back into the water.

The old man asked as to what the lad was doing.

“The tide washed the starfish to shore and they can’t
get back in the water by themselves” The lad said
“When the sun comes up, they will die unless I throw them back in the water”

The old man scanned the huge expansive shore,
there was an endless number of starfish, as far as the eye can see!

The hopelessness of the lad’s plan was obvious.

“Young man” said the old man “Don’t you understand there
are countless number of starfish that you cannot save them all by sunrise?
You don’t really expect to make any difference!”

The lad thought for a moment, then picked up a starfish
and with a big smile threw it as far as he could into the water.

Then he turned to the old man and said: “I made a difference for that one!”


When I was a young girl I used to look up to the sky see
all the stars and think about how infinitely huge the universe is.

It made me feel very small and insignificant, until I realized that
in MY world I MATTER! My life matters to me and the people who love me.

If we can make one small difference in someone’s life,
even for a moment, then we have accomplished so much.

Even if we just take some action and make a small

difference in our own lives, it may not change the world on a grand scale…

But it makes a world of difference to us!

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  1. A great story..

    • Thanks!

  2. very true and inspiring story..i totally agree with that story..maybe we can’t change or help all but at least saving even one’s person life..can mean a big impact and who knows..with that one person you have helped also helped others..wouldn’t it be great and spread out?. One life it maybe but it can still help out a lot and spread 🙂

  3. Very touching and very true 🙂

  4. Thx hav blessd me much

  5. I agree that for anyone that wants to impact on the world as a whole should at least impact on his environment;even the most closest to him like:family,friends and so on.your story is really inspiring Keren,I am a huge fan.

  6. I like the story and we should always be ready to help or assisst someone whenever we can.It realy gives a sense of satisfaction.

  7. Jes DearKeren Very ttrue story I like it

  8. It’s so true, We don’t realize how much of an impact just one small gesture can have on someone.

  9. Beautiful and inspiring story.. Thanks a lot Karen! God bless!

    • Very true Keren. Even a kind word to the second person makes a difference in his or her life.Little help to the needy person gives him or her as divine blessing.

  10. Totally!!!!!!

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