Meditation takes on many forms

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Meditation takes on many forms

Many people think that meditation means sitting cross legged on the floor, eyes closed and listen to your breathing, right?

While that’s one way to , it’s certainly not the only way.

The best reason to meditate is to stop the stream of thoughts for a little while.

It’s like taking a mini vacation every day, cool huh 🙂

When we do that, our vibration elevates, and we are able to quiet the mind in order to let in the voice of intuition, and the inspiration of source.

I find that if I can just quiet my mind for 30 seconds I immediately feel better and revive myself.

I can do this while I drink water and focus on the wonderful taste of water.

I go out on my porch several times a day and listen to the birds, that makes me happy instantly!

It’s easy to stop my thoughts that way and get a few fresh starts, several times a day. It’s so much fun and it doesn’t take long.

If you like walking in nature, that can also be a great way to meditate, as long as you focus on nature around you and not the problems at work ^^

Being in water is also wonderful and healing. Showering or swimming is also very meditative.

It actually doesn’t really matter what we do, we can even meditate when we wash the dishes, haha..

It’s just about giving our racing mind a break! That’s all it is.

With that in mind, I encourage you to seek unconventional ways to meditate during the day as well.

When I do rest for about 20 minutes I love putting on a guided meditation, it’s wonderful and relaxing. Sometimes I just fall asleep 🙂

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