Lets Talk About Goals

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Lets Talk About Goals

In 1985 when Esther Hicks began meditating and was introduced to Abraham, she had no idea where that would lead to.

Did she know that in 10 years or so she’d be speaking to millions of people, passing on the wisdom of Abraham so publicly?

Did she know that this work would bring her such abundance that she would build a helicopter patch in her home and a pond with waterfalls in her back yard?

She couldn’t have known that in a million years.

What did she know?

That meditation felt good. That she liked that feeling of alignment, joy and relaxation. That it was really nice to be able to get some answers.

That’s all. Could she have written a 10 year business plan?? Of course not. You see, the way her path unfolded for her so beautifully was because she kept her vibration high consistently.

That’s the only goal I have on my goal setting plan: Learn how to raise my vibration and feel good as consistently as I can.

Easier said than done, let me tell you. It takes deliberate work, because our nature is reactive, and resistant.

It requires choosing, over and over again. Every moment and every breath, choosing and re-choosing. It take knowledge and commitment.

If we can do that, all that good stuff we imagine, and can’t even possibly begin to imagine yet, will unfold onto an incredible path.

Know that you’ll fall off the horse from time to time. Accept it and get back on. It’s ok, it happens, it’s not the end of the world. Just take a nap and you’ll be all better soon 🙂

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