It’s not fair

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It’s not fair

We must find a way to be happy.

Just for a bit.

Just for a little while.
That is the only way to connect to source..

and get ourselves out of a bad situation..
“It’s not fair” I hear you say

“Source should help those who are not happy too”
Its not fair you’re right.

But, we have to follow how the universe works.
We can get mad at gravity, sure.

What good is it going to do?

Fair or not, we must learn to work with it.
Let me tell you my story,

and how I have come to learn this.
Months ago I had undergone spinal surgery.
Before that I was in so much pain,

that I basically had nothing to lose.
My life was not worth living any longer.

The pain was just too much.
Nothing had helped.

No alternative treatments.

No steroid shots to the spine.

No pain killers.
I was very angry with God.

“Why are you doing this to me?

What have I done to deserve it?”
This went on for some time.
And it didn’t help.
Now I was in pain and resentful towards God.

Bad place to be!
I realized that I was so focused on my pain…

That even if God wanted to help…

I didn’t hear the calling…

I couldn’t receive the guidance…

I was blocking any attempts to help.

So I was determined to find a way,

To quiet the mind enough to hear the guidance…

Despite the pain.
It was not easy,

but I did it.
Mainly through focusing on nature…

The sunset…

They sky..

The birds…

The trees…

and the flowers…
They saved my life.
I was able to quiet the mind enough,

to listen.
And I received the inspiration,

I don’t even remember doing it,

How or when…
To contact the one doctor…

That would help me…

Perform the surgery…

And take away the pain…
See, source will not meet us in pain or despair.

Fair or not, source will just not go there with us.
Source sets the rules…

and we have to play by them…

If we want to be happy

And we want our lives to get better…

That’s all there is to it.
Source sets the frequency…

and we must rise to it..

because source will not stoop to ours..
The frequency of source is that of love, appreciation and joy..
And I’m here to tell you..

That it’s possible to connect to it if we just try..

Even when we’re in deep pain or despair..

We must understand that is the only way out..
My website is full of tools to help do just that…

Also Abraham Hicks on YouTube.

We need to understand the concept first.
It’s not easy

But it’s possible.
Much love,


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