How to reconcile spirituality with modern medicine

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How to reconcile spirituality with modern medicine

Being the deeply spiritual person that I am,
this was a question I have battled with much
in the months before my recent surgery.

Since I believe in the Law of Attraction,
I know that I have attracted this medical
situation to myself. Shouldn’t I be able to
attract healing as well with the power of
my mind and my vibration through meditation?

Many of us spiritual beings face this
question, and I have discussed it with
my close friends at length.


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The answer we came to together, is
that yes I have attracted this health
problem, no doubt about that.

But I have also attracted the solution,
that came as the physical manifestation
of this amazing doctor that can perform
this unique and rare surgery, in a private
hospital 10 minutes from my house!

That’s how I was able to go ahead with the
surgery, feeling that it’s the absolute
correct course of action, and KNOWING
that everything will work out for my highest good.

People ask me how did I have the courage to let
the doctors touch my spine. Well, that’s how.
I KNEW I will be all right.

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