How To Read Teenage Body Language

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How To Read Teenage Body Language

She’s right over there, your daughter. The one that looks for all the world like she would enjoy chewing you up and spitting you out for the sin of embarrassing her in public. Shame on you!

She’s showing you just what she thinks of you too. See that defiant head toss? She’s confident in her rebellion. Teenagers – can’t live with them, can’t afford boarding school! They are so confident and cocky, knowing everything and they are not too bashful about letting you know just how confident they are with their body language.

Teenagers are masters at , even if some of them aren’t completely aware of it. Those sullen looks, crossed arms, leaning against whatever is handy postures tell us so many things about them, it often puts us off. They might appear confident, but let them get in to a jam one time and we see that confidence crumble like a puff pastry in the mouth of a fat man.


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The ones who have been in trouble seem to have it down to an art. Slouching at just the right angle, with feet crossed the same as their arms, they lean back and look at you like “Ok, bring it!” Confident they can withstand anything you have to offer, they will look at you out from under their hair or a hat, spying up at you (or sometimes down) with a withering glance that says they don’t deem you worthy of their presence.

Goody-two-shoes types will be fresh-faced, clean scrubbed, whitest teeth, smiling, happy teens, not suffering the least bit from angst or any such thing. These are the teens you go to when you need help with something, such as babysitting or yard work. You go to them because their body language screams they are safe to ask. No sullenness here, they are actually happy to see you and it shows.

You can look across the room at a teenager and tell by their body language what sort of confidence they have. The arrogant, cocky kind or the happy, “May I be of service to you?” type. From over here you can see she’s having a terrible time of things, your daughter. So stand your best “I love you” stance, and show her the way to be properly confident!

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