How Nervous Tics Are Perceived

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How Nervous Tics Are Perceived

As you go throughout each day, you are constantly giving off little signals to others, effectively telling them how to treat you. Are you aware of your and the effect it has on others?

Most people go through never having to worry about things like proper body language. But there are those of us to whom it doesn’t come naturally to keep our hands still and quiet or even to keep them out of our pockets. We struggle along hoping that we don’t screw up anything important while we try to learn some basic body behaviors to get us through life.

One of those things are those tiny little movements we do when we are nervous or worried. The evil fidgets. They come for all of us, but we can control them with practice. You will need to practice if you are a world class fidget such as myself. This would be why I work behind a computer screen, I truly stink at non-verbal skills. The evil fidgets are the worst.

I’m at the interview for the job I’ve been wanting forever and right on schedule, here they come – the evil fidgets. I start twisting my hair and poking at my glasses, and before I know it, I am picking at something lodged between my teeth. So attractive I am, sitting there in the waiting area, with my finger in my mouth, when the person interviewing me steps into the room.

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Rather like the night I was on a date and the evil fidgets, again, came for me. They started with my straw, just playing with it a little, and then they had me sticking my finger over the end of the straw and drinking from the worn end. Then I picked up each piece of silverware and inspected it thoroughly. All this while my poor date sat across from me, trying to find a way to start a conversation.

I was not his princess, to be sure. Simply due to the evil fidgets. We must fight them if we want to win the war against bad body language. We want to be the confident ones! We are the champions, after all! Hurray for our side!

I takes practice, and plenty of observation on your part, but the evil fidgets can be vanquished. Wouldn’t it wouldn’t it be nice to appear confident? Practice keeping those hands still, and kill those evil fidgets!

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