How Did the Frog Climb up the Tallest Redwood Tree?

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How Did the Frog Climb up the Tallest Redwood Tree?

Once upon a time, in a dark thick Redwood forest, a group of frogs gathered around the trunk of the tallest tree. They wanted to climb up to the top, so they can enjoy the sunlight from above the Redwoods’ branches.

First group started to climb up, only to come back down defeated. Another group tried and turned back telling the other frogs that it couldn’t be done that it’s impossible.

A third group decided to try one more time and also gave up.

Only one frog, kept climbing and climbing.

The small frog kept climbing until she reached the top and

enjoyed the sunlight and the view from above the forest.

When she went down, the other frogs asked her:

“How did you do it? How did you manage to get up there?

It seemed like it couldn’t be done!!”

It turned out that frog was deaf.

She didn’t hear that it couldn’t be done.

She didn’t know it was impossible.

She just went ahead and did it.

I love this story – it gives me hope and inspiration,

even at times when some people may think that

something is impossible, that doesn’t make it so!

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