How Appreciating a Cup of Tea can Turn into a Million Dollars

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How Appreciating a Cup of Tea can Turn into a Million Dollars

It doesn’t matter what we appreciate

You heard right.

The universe doesn’t care what we appreciate as long as we appreciate.
What matters to the universes is the FEELING of appreciation.
It doesn’t matter if we appreciate a cup of tea, a beautiful sunset or a million dollars.

It’s all the same vibration!

Why is that important?
Because the vibration of appreciation is the highest level vibration.
It’s the vibration of creation, love and joy.

All the same thing.

If we can tap into this feeling and start to align our vibration with that of source…

guess what…
We become powerful creators..
By appreciating the simple things in life,

EVERY simple thing in life..

We align with the most powerful forces in the universe…
And with ultimate abundance.
It’s like the universe saying –

“Like this? Great, here’s some more…

Like that too? Great, here’s some more of that too”

See what’s going on here?

If we appreciate..

Whatever we appreciate..

The universe will find ways to give us more things to appreciate.
And those things will get bigger and bigger…

So our cup of tea will turn into a million dollars!


Right now I am loving this moment:

I am sitting and writing to you with a lovely cup of tea

A wonderful breeze is blowing on my face

and I’m so grateful to be able to express my thoughts to you in this way
I want you to look around you

smell the air

find something in your immediate surrounding that you can appreciate
And say “ahhhhhh, that feels nice!”

It can be your cup of tea…

Your pillow…

Your blanket…

A beautiful song…

The cool breeze coming in through the window…

The more you do that,

just because it feels good

(NOT keeping score and expecting an outcome!)

The more things you’ll get to appreciate.

Appreciate because it feels good and what you want will follow.




  1. Keren hi,
    You are so right !
    We often forget to appreciate,just the scent of flowers as we walk ,the smell of warm air,the heat of the sun on our faces,the gentle touch in a greeting.
    To just feel Soooo alive,it truly is amazing.
    May we all be truly blessed,and feel it deep.
    Love and light to all Sean x.

    • Beautiful Sean! Thank you!

  2. Hi Keren
    I’m sitting in my sunny kitchen on this beautiful Sunday morning reading this and I’m appreciating you and your inspiring words and feeling the sun and nice breeze on my face also! What a wonderful life it is!
    Love and light ❤️ Bonnie

    • Thank you Bonnie <3

  3. I so incredibly much appreciate your post, dear Keren. As I am reading you, I feel the beautiful sun and the breeze , I see the shadow dancing on the trees and an immense feeling of joyful gratitude rises in me. Merci de tout mon cœur!💝

    • Awww Marie, great to see you here as always!

  4. Oh yeah Keren:
    Right now I am sooo appreciating your article and I am ever so grateful for it.
    Love & Peace

    • Thank you Myriam, I appreciate you too! <3

  5. Thank you Keren.
    So simple. So powerful. So true.

    • Thanks Jana, I appreciate you being here!

  6. Wow, thank you for that. I am so surrounded by millions of things in front of me, beside me, behind me, all around me to appreciate. I started and can’t stop. I appreciate your e-mail, your stories, lessons and I appreciate you. Thank you again. What a way to begin and end a day, with loads of appreciation.

    • Thank you darling! glad to have you here!

  7. Hi Keren,
    I am grateful having you as my insightful writer, I appreciate every moment opening your mails.Right now iam writing this comment from a five star hotel in Enugu State eastern Nigeria viewing the beautiful coal city with all the colourful lights, the delicious meals, all the fun with friends in the swimming pool, truly LIFE worth appreciating.

    • Wow that sounds beautiful! So glad you’re here!

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