Good luck you!

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Good luck you!

One of my mentors is a great guy that is teaching me right now
how to start a new business on Amazon.

He’s 30 years old, and already extremely successful.
He’s amazing.

I noticed that his email address was very interesting.


I have been curious about this for sometime now and finally I got around to asking him,
how long has he had this email address.

One would think that maybe it’s new,
that after all the success he’s had he’s now considering himself to be lucky.

However, I suspected that wasn’t the case.

I suspected that he considered himself to be lucky WAY BEFORE
he had any success at all.

So I asked.

Guess what, he’s had this email address since he was 12!

Imagine this 12 year old kid DECIDING he’s lucky and successful.

That’s what he did.

This decision and this mindset brought him all the success he had,
it wasn’t the other way around!

Most people think:

Show me the evidence of success and then I will feel successful.
Show me the evidence of luck and then I will feel lucky.

This is completely the other way around.

First you FEEL lucky and then you BECOME lucky.

He went on to telling me that he found a note from his childhood the other day,
where he wrote all of his dreams down.

They all came true.

This was a self fulfilling prophecy!

This is the power of intention.

This is the power of alignment with source.

This kid decided he’s lucky, SO HE WAS!


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  1. This does work. I used to b more appreciative and life was better. The past several years I’ve fell off that bandwagon and things, well, not so great happening.. my surroundings r quite negative. I have to find a way back to that appreciation., but have to have the strength to get out of bad surroundings , away from negative people. They really do affect u and that starts the spiral back down. Thank u for this article.

    • Thank you for sharing dear

  2. Thanks for posting this Keren; I admit that luck and success seem awfully hit-or-miss to me. How does one continue to feel lucky when the rug is yanked out from under them? I am so grateful for the good things I have in my life, but it’s hard to be grateful for the tough things, or things I don’t think I want. Is that what we need to do to become lucky or successful? Be grateful for the good and bad, and consider each and every part of life to be lucky? I hope this makes sense. I’m trying to wrap my head around it all…

    • Dear Susan – you can’t feel grateful for the bad stuff in your life directly so do’t even try. That is entirely not the point. The point it – what is it the you spend most of your time focusing on? The pain of the past or the successes? The good stuff in your life or what’s missing? That balance will determine what you will be getting next.

  3. Very true Keren what we raise in self reprove as a change in our limited belief habits the source and well ness factor were the treasure is the heart is building upon our self image and the generation builders is the key to succession people seek wealth for knowledge it is our experience God motivation and realise as an external factor of change those who enter is gates with gladness and kindness sharing gifts and talents the kingdom of heaven calls all who seek is faithfulness and he will bind the broken hearted we are all slaves in the kingdom but through is healing balm we are realised to set the captives free love one another go in peace salvation comes to those who ask in is name lord of behold king of kings majesty the festival of harvest gods stores all ways realises fruit Amen

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