Gifts From Grandpa

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Gifts From Grandpa

This is a beautiful story that is taken from the book
“Blessings of my Grandfather” By Rachel Naomi Ramman,
where she tells about her childhood with her grandpa:

“Very often, my grandfather used to bring me gifts.
One time, he brought me a paper cup filled with dirt.

“I’m not allowed to play with dirt” I told him disappointed.
He smiled and brought me a bottle full of water.

“If you promise to put a little water in the cup each day,
something might happen…” he said.

I was 4 years old then and I promised I would.
At first I didn’t mind it,
and I put water in the cup of dirt just out of curiosity..

But as the days went by and nothing happened,
I started to forget to do it.

A week later I asked my grandpa if it was time to stop.
“Every day, sweetheart…” he said.

The second week was even harder.
When grandpa came to visit I tried to return the cup to him.

But he refused to take it, saying:
“Every day, sweetheart”

On the third week I was really forgetting,
but still didn’t miss a day.


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One morning I woke up and there were two green
leaves that weren’t there the night before.

I was amazed!

They kept growing everyday.
I couldn’t wait to tell my grandpa sure he’d be as surprised as I was.

He wasn’t surprised of course 🙂

Grandpa explained to me that the miracle of life hides
in the most ordinary and unexpected of places.

I was so happy!

“All it takes is water, grandpa?” I asked him
“No sweetheart” he said gently “All it takes is devotion

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