Getting out of feeling annoyed

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Getting out of feeling annoyed

Since I run my own jewelry business I have to deal with
every tax under the sun: VAT, Income tax, social
security AND customs (which are the most annoying of all).

Then the heat in the studio wasn’t working and I was cold, yada yada…I got on the “I’m annoyed train”.. Guess what happened- the annoyed train goes to where annoying things are,
so I was presented with more and more things to get
annoyed about.
Driving home, I realized that I was really annoyed
(about nothing and everything) and that wasn’t
doing my vibration any good.

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“So what do I do?” I asked myself

“Well”, I thought, “being annoyed is better than being afraid”
“Hmmm, that’s true!”

“How about I try to think about something funny?”
I then remembered something funny someone said today.

Good. That’s better.

“How about I turn on the radio and listen to some fun music?”
Nice, even better now.

“Mmmm, that cup of tea and snack when I get home sound really good!”
Yeah! Now we’re talking!

By the end of the 15 minute drive I was off the annoyed train
and back on the happy train I usually take 🙂

See how easy that was?

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