Examples of What to Ask for in Life

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Examples of What to Ask for in Life

Too many people are dissatisfied with their lives. They want to make changes but are unsure of where to start. While they accept that you will only get those things that you ask for, the problem lies in knowing what to ask.

The following examples should give you some ideas of what you want to get out, or do, with your life.

are those that last for years in your life. This type of goal could be business or work related. For example you may want to become an author or work from home online.

In order for these things to happen you need to ‘talk’ to yourself in a positive way. Use words such as:

  • I am successful.
  • I am an entrepreneur.
  • I am a bestselling author.
  • I speak German fluently.

The more you say these positive words to yourself, you will start to believe them and act accordingly.

can be short and long term. You may want to earn more money from your job. Or you may wish to investment money for your retirement.

Many people find it difficult to save money each week or month so changing the way you think about money is important. Give yourself permission to invest or save by saying things such as:

  • I have $5,000 to invest this year anyway I like.
  • My net worth is ….
  • I receive a monthly check for $250 from my online business.
  • I save $50 each month into my retirement fund.

Influence persuasion

By talking to yourself this way you will start to act in this manner. Before you know it you will be saving a regular amount each month or year.

are centered around your partner, your family, friends and your co-workers. It is often in this area that you become unhappy with your life. You see that your friends or co-workers have things that you desire and want for yourself.

Use the following positive statements to start getting what you want.

  • My mom and I enjoy time together every Sunday.
  • My partner is caring and considerate.
  • My co-workers are easy to get along with and respect my choices.

Start believing in yourself and in your dreams and they will start to become a reality. You need to start feeling and believing that your goals have already been achieved. Believing in yourself is just part of the process of getting what you want out of life. Now that you know what types of things to ask for.

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