Everything turns out for the best!

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Everything turns out for the best!

I really wanted to find a fun happy story this time…
My uncle has been a great source for awesome stories lately 🙂
So – courtesy of my uncle:

Once upon a time…

In a far away land

(Isn’t that a great start?)…
There was a king that really loved hunting.
He called to his side for his upcoming hunting trip,

The best hunter in the kingdom , who was also his friend..

(As much as one can be friends with a king …)
Off they went.
Unfortunately, an accident happened…

and instead of shooting the dear…

the huntsman shot off the kings’ finger!

The king was upset…

But he knew that it could have been worse…

So he said to the hunter:
“Since I only lost a finger..

and not my head…

I will let you keep yours…

and just send you to jail instead”
The huntsman said:

“Well, everything turns out for the best
And went off to jail.
The king went hunting again,

Alone this time after that unfortunate incident…

He was fond of his fingers, you see!


After following an animal too deep in the forest…

He was taken by cannibals…

Who were not impressed by his kingly status..

And with all due respect…

Put him in a pot to get cooked!
The king was sure this was his last breath…

What an untimely and sorry end for a king!
Then, the king of the cannibals appeared,

looked at his hand with the missing finger…

and said:

“What’s this?! We do not eat those who are maimed!

Get out of here!”
Oh boy did the king get out of there fast!
He went to see the hunter at the jail and told him what happened.
The hunter said:

“I told you everything turns out for the best!

That lost finger saved your life!”
“I’ll say! ” Said the king
“Not only that” said the hunter

“Jail saved my life too!”
How’s that?” asked the king
“If I would have come with you,

they would have eaten me!

I have all my fingers…”

With that happy end I leave us all to ponder,

How things turned out for the best,

even when the situation seemed quite bad at the time.
And whatever is going on that is not-so-well right now,

remember that everything turns out for the best-

After all.

Blessings all around!

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  1. Beautiful story, I can really relate to. Thank you!

    • Wonderful! Thanks

  2. Far away places have a wisdom to convey. Next time, I will be the one to tell you when a tragedy evolved in one of the three friends who goes for a weekend trip hunting in a faraway country side.

  3. This is very true. Whatever we feel in our life is going against us is actually the Divine way of protecting us from adversities. There are so many examples of 9/11 where individuals were protected by Almighty by delaying them to go to WTC

    • Thank you dear!

  4. Amen !! 🙂 ..that makes me remember one of max lucado’s stories..wherein he emphasizes at the end that we should not judge to easily for we don’t know what happens next..thank you so much for the inspiring stories..another story for me to keep on my journey here on earth..thank you and Godbless always 🙂

  5. I have to tell stories to my grand children. I find difficult to find a new story all the times.
    so please send me more new stories for daily narration.

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