Could Movements Like MovNat Hold the Secret to Happiness?

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Could Movements Like MovNat Hold the Secret to Happiness?

Do you ever feel exhausted, stressed, tired and put upon? Sometimes life can feel like a constant grind of getting up first thing in the morning, commuting on a busy train, then working in a stressful environment… only to go home hit the sack and start the process all again. By the time we get home we tend to be too exhausted and stressed to do anything constructive and as we get older we only develop more aches and pains. Is it any wonder that half the world is stressed, tired and fed up?

How Life Should Be

The fact of the matter is that there’s nothing wrong with this way of life. There’s no ‘correct way’ to live your life seeing as life is entirely arbitrary.

The point is though, we evolved in an entirely different environment and we are not designed to thrive under these circumstances. We have domesticated ourselves and like lions in cages this can make us very unhappy.

Think about it: when you play a computer game or watch a movie what happens? A hero fights villains, outruns explosions and gets the girl/guy. This is the fantasy we all want to live and yet it couldn’t be further from our reality.

Meanwhile, the fact that we spend all day indoors means we get no sunlight or fresh air. Sitting at a desk causes our bodies to stiffen and seize up and our diet of processed foods leaves us running on low quality fuel. Again, is it any wonder that most of us are pretty much a mess?

Some of us will go to the gym to fix this but what does that entail? Taking four hours a week to lift a very heavy weight, often training particular muscle groups more than others…


The unexplained store - 2.0

MovNat is a movement that attempts to change all this. It describes itself as the ‘workout that time forgot’ and it’s all about natural movements and challenges completed throughout the day. It’s about trail running, throwing logs, climbing trees, crawling and swimming. It’s about regaining your natural movement and spending time outdoors. It’s about challenging yourself, it’s about action and it’s about reawakening our wild side.

We know that exercise stimulates the production of endorphins – natural ‘antidepressants’. We know that being in the sun does the same. We know that we sleep better after being in the fresh air…

So could MovNat or just an approach along those lines be what we need to start feeling well again? Could it be the secret to happiness?


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