Change Your Habits and Reduce Stress

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Change Your Habits and Reduce Stress

Stress is a problem for many people. We live lifestyles that can demand too much of us. We feel that we need to be available twenty-four hours a day, seven days a week to satisfy the needs of our jobs and our families. Worse yet, everyone else actually are available every day, all the time via the Internet, mobile phone and social networking.

The result is that even when we find a rare moment of peace and quiet it is often rudely interrupted by the ringing or buzzing of our phone, or by a notification that we have received yet another like, post or tweet. There is such a thing as too much availability and too much connectivity. Simply because technology allows us to be in each other faces every minute of every day doesn’t mean that we are required to do so.

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In some sense, we are working and entertaining ourselves to death. The sad part is that all of this networking tends to be pointless in that it very often consists of ego driven, self-centered grandstanding.

We need to remember where we came from as a species and who we really are as people. We need to find a happy medium between what our technology allows and what we require to be happy and healthy. One way to accomplish this is to change some very basic habits.

Let’s start with technology. A smart phone is a wonderful thing, but there is nothing smart about carrying it with you at all times. How many times have you seen tables of people in a restaurant or bar ignoring each other in order to service the constant flow of information on their phones?

How many times have you been at a concert or other entertainment event and watched as people ignore the live band in order to take photos or videos of the performance? It is a growing and troubling trend. When we never unplug, we run the risk of losing the ability to be in the moment.

We also run the risk of losing the ability to simply enjoy life as opposed to being constantly compelled to capture it, record it and broadcast it. Your life is for living. It is not a story. It is not a movie. It is simply a life and the only one you will ever have. Take the time to set aside the devices and simply breathe. Once you begin to change your habits, you’ also be able to change the amount of stress you are exposed to on a daily basis. That’s a very good thing.


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