Best guided meditation for manifestation and healing

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Best guided meditation for manifestation and healing

I LOVE this meditation by Vianna Stibal,

Founder of the Theta Healing.



The unexplained store

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  1. Thank you for the opportunity to assist in personal development, reducing stress,etc.

    • Thanks for visiting Saufa!

  2. hello Karen .i meditation every morning and evening .and I feel good and happy everyday for months now .so for the last 3 day I am feeling all butterfly all in my body .and I see myself somewhere living in my new home .and all good thing.I am more happier and joy .is keep going around in my head .and I still feel all the feeling like a butterfry in my body .and I am just wonder do you know what this feeling mean .i would be very grateful if you could let me know ..i am very postive person .Thank you from Valerie kelly

    • That sounds awesome to me! Take care Valerie

  3. hello .i am enjoy all your email .is help me a lot .i even download the abundance prayer .i am just wonder how many time do i say that prayer ? Thank you i am very greatfull .keep up the good work keren .Thank you .from valerie kelly

    • As log as you feel like it helps you and you enjoy reading it

  4. Thank you very much for posting peaceful and very helpful video…

    • Thank you dear

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