Be Positively Successful

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Be Positively Successful

One important aspect of learning how to deal with setbacks is to how to deal with them positively. That statement may, at first blush, seem counter intuitive. Nevertheless, the act of learning to remain positive in the face of a setback, in any area of life, is the first step to actually beginning to successfully deal with the fact that setbacks happen.

In fact, developing a positive attitude is the surest way to put any issue behind you so that you are able to continue forward towards your goal.

A positive attitude is a learned behavior. It’s not about smiling in the face of adversity, turning that frown upside down and being endlessly cheerful. Instead, learning positivity is a serious business. It’s a matter of training yourself to react to negative events in a way that puts those events into the proper context. It’s rewiring behaviors that allow you to exaggerate the size of the current negative conditions, at the expense of the positive conditions to come. It’s about not getting stuck in the moment, accepting that setbacks happen and using this knowledge to move forward.

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To a great extent, a positive attitude is an attitude of growth. The concept of positivity is based on the idea that, in life, change is the only reality. We are all constantly evolving and nothing stays the same.

This concept can unsettle some people because we are taught that stability is security. In reality, there is no stability. Whether we like it or not, we are always moving from one state to another. Negativity is simply the resistance to change or, perhaps, the fear of what change will bring. Giving into this fear means that you drown out the larger picture of who you truly are, where you are really going and what you really are capable of. Positivity, and the success that springs from having a positive attitude, is simply learning to adopt a realistic view of life and reacting accordingly.

Metaphorically, if life is a highway then positivity is learning how to focus on the road and not on the potholes. When you focus on the potholes, you begin to enjoy the trip you’re on less and less. You also begin to slow down and this, in turn, means that it takes longer and longer to reach your destination. Setbacks, like those metaphorical potholes, happen. Accepting this fact leads to the ability of shrugging off the jolt when the next one occurs.


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