Be Happy…!

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Be Happy…!


With the growing  constantly developing lives we always think that more money will bring us more happiness in our lives…but..!
But : is because it may not always be…

The world may change its appearance in every decade every generation,

But the basics of the entire build never changes or diminishes….

A butterfly has to be a caterpillar once in life in order to grow to be a butterfly soon….

A person who is born is always born to be a baby and not a directly as a youth and from being baby may live until his family blossoms till d time he/she becomes a proud owner of his entire life experiences

The proud owner of his entire being…but..!!

But it is only because life cannot give you what you want unless you

have the learning and earning of some experiences…

It has be experienced n lived…!
There is nothing good or bad when it comes to saying if

Something is great or may not be…!

And this is because every situation in life teaches us something

And learning from mistakes is the best part of all of it…
I am writing to you all today because I just feel that we are all constantly trying to be the best in whatever we want to achieve which is great,

But we all tend to forget to be happy..

In all situations, and in all times….

Remember positive attitude is the best attitude

I know a lot us and including me are not able to be happy or look in the brighter next,concentrate on positives of the (bad) experiences and we lose it n only focus on how bad we feel because that one thing that we desperately wanted to happen did not…

But have you ever noted: you felt much greater when you start to think what went right in you entire experience n what were the positives if it entirely is not 100% the way you wanted it.!

Guys nobody can be perfect n it is not even a great or cool thing to be perfect 100% coz there may not be a scope to learn to grow….

All I want to say is be happy at all times n no matter where you are n what you are going through in life be grateful for all the smallest of good things that u still are with n with even the smallest doubt be grateful even for ur experiences because it eventually will teach u good…

Will take you a little more closer to your dreams as u now have found a greater focus on what you can do the next time in a situation like that..
Be grateful always in the slightest of time you get…!

Be happy,smile n make people smile or feel happy by your compliments or by greeting them or by doing things you can afford to help lovely people around you..

Life will be much more greater n fuller when you choose to be happy most of the times…

The only reason there is a space here after the last paragraph is because I want all to give you the time to say :I do…!

Show gratitude for anything that comes to your mind now..take all the time you need! 🙂 🙂
I am happy to write to you today…hope you all will be happy to read….its not perfect but its just a small effort to contribute to the good things in life and for life….
Your friend ,one amongst you….!
Take care an God bless.!
Be happy..!

Utkarsha. ,


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