Attracting abundance through nature

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Attracting abundance through nature

Many of the “gurus” teach us that in order to attract abundance we must be able to feel it first.
Sometimes we just want to scream at them:
“How in the world is that possible???

If I am broke now, how can I feel abundant?

It’s a vicious cycle!”
I’m here to tell you that it’s possible to feel abundant even if you’re broke or in debt.
By stepping outside of yourself and looking OUT to nature.
You see, the universe doesn’t care what it is that we feel abundance or appreciation about.
The universe doesn’t know care about our debts, credit card balance or empty checking accounts.
The universe has given us this world that has in it all we could ever need.
All we need to do is to tap into the FEELING of abundance and

that will jumpstart the positive momentum that will get Law of

Attraction to send us what we want.
Think about all the trees in the world. There are so many!

And they all work together to give us oxygen to breath.

There’s plenty of oxygen, think about that.

That’s abundance.
We have an abundance of air.

And water, wow, there is so much water!
Flowers! Such beauty in this world.

So many kinds of flowers in all shapes, sizes and colors!
Look OUT and UP to the sky and think of the abundance of this magnificent planet.

Feel the appreciation for it.
Look outside of yourself and feel the abundance of things that are always there for you,

yet they are not personal to you.
That’s all you have to do.
Do this every morning for a few weeks and I promise that you will begin to see a shift in your personal situation as well.
Ideas will start to occur to you.

Meditation can really help with that!

Opportunities will begin to appear.

People will come into your life out of nowhere you can work with.
This is how it all works.

The universe doesn’t care what we appreciate,

just that we do.

connect to abundance

Discover meditation and connect to abundance

Look OUT and UP.

Open your window.
Look out your window instead of at CNN.

There’s nothing good there –

These fear mongers will tell you anything to get

you scared and have you keep watching.

Don’t believe them.
Look out to nature.

There’s so much there.
We already have everything!
Now it’s time to tap in!

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