“Are we there yet?”

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“Are we there yet?”

You’re sitting in the car.
The drive seems to take forever.

Your kids are whining in the back seat every two minutes:
“Are we there yet?
Are we there yet?
Are we there yet?…”

It’s annoying, right?

Very often in life we are impatient and keep score –
way too soon.

“Am I there yet?”

That question, and the impatient feeling that accompanies it,
is the worst question for manifestation possible..
(along with “What am I doing wrong?”).

These are NOT empowering questions.

Processes of change and growth take time.
They take as long as they take…

On my spiritual journey I am realizing,
that the universe doesn’t like stress.

And it especially doesn’t like anyone
sitting there with a stopwatch asking:
“Are we there yet?”

We will get the stuff we want faster
if we appreciate what we already have
and enjoy the moment right now.

That’s all there is to it!


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You’ve made the request and launched it out there.
The universe heard you.

So enjoy right now and let it come when it comes.

Remember the Bamboo Tree story?

I am finding that the best things show up in my life
when I am chill about them.

I make the request and let it go.
I am not needy or desperate about it…
That kind of energy repels manifestation…

So lets all try to chill out a little more…
How does that sound?

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