A second chance

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A second chance
“Life always gives us a second chance.
It’s called tomorrow“Saw that somewhere, not sure where..
But whomever said that is very smart 🙂
Because this little sentence summarizes
precisely how life works.That it doesn’t matter what we’ve been through..
It doesn’t matter “What Is” today..It’s all old news, like yesterdays’ paper..We can decide today that our tomorrow will be better.
That we’ll feel a little better..
a little happier..
a little easier..
a little lighter..

When we sleep our vibration stops and resets itself.
Really! I learned that from Abraham Hicks.

So if we can wake up and just focus on what feels good..

(can even be the smell of our coffee, the birds or the blanket)
and let go of yesterday’s problems then…
We have become cooperative to the universe,
that has given us a second chance.

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