Waiting for luck

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Waiting for luck

Once there was a man that was very unlucky in everything he did.

His businesses were always failing

He longed for a wife but could never find one…

Plus his health was not that great…


He asked the people of his town for advice..

They said:

“Go to the desert..

Find the angel that lives there..

Tell him your troubles..

and he will help you”


And so he went.


Started walking in the desert..


All of a sudden he met a lion!

The lion was sad and crying…

“What’s the matter lion? ” the man asked

“I am hungry” said the lion

“I haven’t eaten for so long and there’s nothing here but sand”

“Don’t worry” said the man

“I am going to find the angel, and will put in a word for you as well.

He will help you”


And so the man kept walking..


Then he ran into a beautiful young woman.

The woman was sad and crying.

“What’s the matter” Asked the man

“Why are you crying?”

“I am crying because I don’t have a husband”

Said the woman “and I am alone”

“Don’t worry” said the man

“I am going to see the angel and will ask him to help you”


And the man kept walking…


Then he ran into a tree…

The tree was sad and crying too!

“What’s the matter tree?” asked the man

“Why are you crying?”

“I am crying because I have something stuck in my roots,

and I can’t reach the water in the nearby lake”

“Don’t worry” said the man

“I am going to see the angel and will ask him to help you”


And so the man kept walking until he reached an oasis.


Naturally, the angel was right there!

How can I help you, dear man?” Asked the angel

And so the man told the angel his troubles and didnt forget to ask for help for his new friends.

The angel said, head back home and luck will come on the way.

Make sure you pay attention to signs!


As for your friends, take these 3 letters to them and make sure they read them while you’re there.


First he came back to the tree and gave him the letter

“A letter?” ” asked the tree

“Yes, read it” said the man

“What does it say?”

“It says that the thing that is stuck in my roots is a treasure

and one day a man will be kind enough to remove it and

let my roots grow free and reach the water”


“I am sure someone will” Said the man

“Good luck with that tree.

I must go home and wait for my luck”


Then he went back to the woman and gave her the letter

“what does it say?” he asked

“It says that the first man that shows up will be my husband!


“Oh wow, that’s fantastic!” said the man

“I am sure that he will come soon,

I have to head back home and wait for my luck!


Then he went back to the lion and gave him the letter.

Then the lion then jumped on him and tried to eat him!

“HEY! What are you doing??? asked the man

“What does it say in the letter??””


“It says” said the lion

“If this poor fool comes back to you then eat him!

There’s no hope for him, he just can’t see all the gifts that Ive sent him!”**




Luck doesn’t come to those who sit around and wait

It comes to those who jump on opportunities that come

their way even if they don’t seem perfect.

We don’t know how Law of Attraction will arrange for us to get what we want


So we must keep our eyes wide open as well as our minds

and when a good opportunity knocks – take it!


What would you do in this situation?

How would you have handled it?

Please leave a comment below



**No poor fools were harmed in the making of this story 🙂


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  1. beautiful advice in simplest way.i promise with myself now that i will make my life a real masterpiece by availing every opportunity that comes in my way. plz pray for my journey.

    • Fantastic! Will pray for you

  2. A good story, I wonder if the man’s was Nasrudin? It sounds a bit like him.

    • Maybe, I don’t know. This story has many versions

  3. i would like to take your advice . But just been diagnosed with Cauda Equina Syndromey. a very rare condition

  4. yes the pain is so bad ,and walking Is an absolute No No .Any way it looks ;like Hara Kirii Is the only way?

    • no sir Adrian Froelich, dont do that..i may not feel your pain but at least your pain still can be cured and easily been settled rather than other pain i know..dont loose hope.try to find possible cure for it..and i do believe that prayers will do help you..and try to smile and be happy always..try not to think of the pain..if you feel it try to focus on other things..smile and be blessed..thank you and take care always..think positive and stay happy 🙂

  5. Yes I very much agree as some of us ignore the opportunity only to find out that the door is closed after realising its benefit.

    • Exactly. Opportunities don’t stay open forever but there will always come another one when we’re ready for it

  6. Wow everything was rite.😄 in his parh.

    • He was just too blind to see

  7. It is strange that the man was so concentrated on his problems that he wasn’t able to see his treasures just given to him .

    I guess we as ll need to step back

    • He just couldn’t see it. Crazy huh

  8. This is a lovely story! It applies to many of us, including myself! Thank you!

    • Totally! Thanks Estelle

  9. This reminds me of a story I heard after Hurricane Katrina. A guy was standing on his roof with the floodwaters all around him, praying to be saved. A boat comes by. “Hey buddy, want a lift?” The guy declines and keeps praying.

    The waters rise and another boat comes by. ‘Hey, come with us to safety!’ The guy declines and keeps praying. The waters continue to rise.

    A third boat comes by. ‘Dude, you’ve got to come with us! It’s not safe!’ The guy declines and keeps praying. So finally a helicopter comes by with a basket and insists that he needs to go with them or he’ll drown. He declines and keeps praying.

    So the guy drowns, goes to Heaven, and stands before God. “Lord, why didn’t you save me?”
    The Lord replies, ‘I gave you three boats and a F***ing helicopter! You were too stupid to recognize the blessings! What the hell did you want from me, anyway?’

    • I heard this story also in a different version.
      God keeps sending up help and so often we ignore it because of preconceived
      notions of how this help should show up…

  10. Thought provoking indeed. Makes you think of lost opportunities because you cant see past your nose with high standards

    • Right 🙂

  11. I would have taken the treasure from under the tree and married the women and gone home happy as a clam…

    • Exactly!

  12. Hi there,
    A blessed day to you all. This man was too blind and did not use his common sense. He had two hints before reaching the angle. And he was too busy with his own problems and did not stop and think to help others. I would have helped the tree and asked the young lady out. I started laughing at the end, because he was the meal from the lion from the first time. The desire of the lion came true

    • I know that cracked me up too 🙂
      But I think this being a peaceful story,
      he managed to stop the lion from eating him after all…

      • how i wish he had realized that he had just passed the two blessings or answers and try to come back for it..but it is possible for him to still go back?

  13. help me pray that i wont be like this man in the story..that what i’m ASKING for would be GRANT by PAPA GOD naturally and that i may have received it abundantly..because i have been asked it whom and what specifically ..please .. thank you 🙂

  14. Good story. Have you heard the story about four people named everybody, somebody , anybody and nobody?

    • No! Do tell! Can you post it in the submit story section here: http://www.thekerencommunity.com/write-story/

    • hi..i know that story.. it’s really a good story..i’ve read that on a pamphlet we are giving away to win souls, when i was in college.. please do share it Braven.. thank you and have a nice day 😀

      • Awesome 🙂

  15. The area i need prayers is ‘ having the feeling that i’m not perfcect’ i need deliverance Friends. God did a good work on me and i am wonderfully and fearfully
    made but the devil want to make me shy away from oppurtunities by making me think inside of me ” will i be ridiculled? will i be judged wrongly? etc . help pray for my deliverance Friends .

    • There is no devil, and no one is judging you but you.

    • hi.. Lizy, love yourself more 🙂 .. yes! u r wonderfully made by God.. so just try not to think of others might think of u negatively.. just be yourself .. stand head lifted with a smile and live what u think can make u happy.. as long as u know u’r not hurting or stepping anyone it’s ok.. ok?!. thank u and God bless u always .. smile 🙂

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